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Pants :(

The pants i'm wearing today are not working for me. I lost like 30lbs since nov and have been wearing my some bigger pants which has been going ok. The pants i have today are kinda in the middle - but they are uncomfortable when i'm sitting. find when i'm standing.  they aren't pressing on my stomach like the prebaby pants have been.

i still not small so maybe its just the extra fat but i think i might be comfortable in something w/ a full panel where the waist is above my whole stomach area. even though these pants aren't tight feels like chub below the waist line and above - not fun. guess i need to try some of my other pants and go from there. i was really hoping to get some mileage out of my old ones!  but feels like i may just be one of those girls whose more comfortable in maternity pants!

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Re: Pants :(

  • I'll be honest, I'm not comfortable in ANYTHING. I feel like BLAH
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  • I am having a hard time finding pantst that fit me. I already have bloat. I am hoping to hold off on maternity clothes untill 12 weeks. Might have to get pants before then though.


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    I'll be honest, I'm not comfortable in ANYTHING. I feel like BLAH

    I am so glad to hear that from another 4-week'er!  I feel barely pg, but HUGE! 

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  • *raising hand*

    i bought some full panel, had a feeling i'd be more comfortable in them. I have an upper and lower belly and my regular pants are just too darn uncomfortable. I am so glad i have a few pairs to get me through the rest of the school year. Im definitely bloated and have put on a few and just found out its twins...yikes...

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  • JennR82JennR82
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    I gave up and wore maternity pants today. It was nice to be comfortable all dayBig Smile I plan on shopping for some more this weekend.







  • I had to break down this week and buy maternity shirts because I feel so freaking bloated.  Then lastnight my sis gave me two rubbermaid tubs full of maternity clothes.  I'm so excited that I will have to buy very little maternity clothes.  Yay!  Yes I may have to break out the pants soon because the buttons on my pants don't feel so great right about now. Big Smile

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  • I actually started looking for pants yesterday. FYI I went to the Framingham MA Super Target and they BARELY had a maternity section . I did buy a pair of full panel pants for work and they are super comfy. So if you find a place let me know. I need to buy more I have a conference in 2 weeks and I can't keep on wearing my jeans they are very uncomfortable and unprofessional I have to unbutton my pants at my desk or they dig into my belly.

    I also need to find shirts and bra's! My boobs are getting bigger by the min! I have cleavage for the first time in my life! My boobs are going to out me before we can make it to our first appointment (May 31st).

  • Ugh I thought my mom today was going to say something about my belly (she doesn't know I'm pregnant yet). The shirt I'm wearing normally fits me just fine and I'm bloated to the point when I stand up tall my shirt pulls up enough to see some skin. I feel like I look pregnant already...I barely just got my BFP!
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