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no weight gain

Getting worried....I'm 12 weeks and have yet to gain any weight. Does anyone else have this problem? I have my 4 month appointment on Tuesday and I'm wondering if the doctor is going to be concerned. At my nine weeks appointment the doctor stated that she would like me to gain a little more than normal because I'm underweight. Still.......nothing. Baby seems fine. I have a doppler and listen to heartbeat everynight. What gives?  
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Re: no weight gain

  • I'm almost at 14 weeks and still haven't gained, I've actually lost 1-2 pounds... however, I was definitely not underweight to begin with... As long as your eating well (and enough) I'm sure the weight will catch up to where it should be. Best of luck with your doctor's appt.
  • Between my first and second appt they said I lost about 2 lbs but said that is normal (even though I never had a day of m/s.)  I had an appt yesterday and they said I only gained 1 lb since last month.  OB didn't say anymore about it and I didn't ask if that was good or 
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  • I haven't gained any weight and i'm 15 weeks. I am considered overweight though and only plan on gaining 15 lbs. and hoping to gain most of those in my 3rd trimester.
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  • I am still down a pound so far and I never had morning sickness. From what I hear, it is fine as long as baby is doing well. I am totally ok with having less to lose after baby comes :) I am sure I will start packing on the pounds now that I am into my second trimester.
  • Don't worry at all, with my first pregnancy I didn't start gaining until 20 weeks, and that was with twins. I remember being worried too but the doc said every woman gains at a different rate, as long as baby was growing it was fine. it is still very early, the baby does not even weigh an ounce yet. You will gain, don't worry!
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  • Like you, I'm slightly underweight and it was a struggle to gain weight when I was pregnant with DD. I think I damn near doubled my caloric intake and still only gained 22 lbs with her. My Dr got on me a bit, but I've been small my whole life.

    It seems like it's going to be the same way with this baby, and it makes me dread my appts, even though my Dr isn't really "mean" about it. I just feel guilty when it's brought up because I try SO hard to gain weight. From my first to my second appt (9 weeks, then 13 weeks) I had gained just under 2 lbs and my Dr said she needed to see me gain more but "knows that I'm small."

    I'm trying not to stress because despite not gaining the 25-30 lbs she wanted me to gain with DD, I delivered a healthy 7 lb 8 oz little girl (and was still healthy myself). Like I said...I try...but I still do worry about gaining enough again.


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  • I had an appt last week at 14 wks 5 days and I had lost 5 lbs. The dr said it was normal to fluctuate a bit at this point. It is crazy though because I look like I have gained about 15lbs. I did notice that my appetite has just started increasing about a week ago. I am sure everything is fine for you. I read you are only supposed to gain like 5 lbs in 1st tri anyway so it's not a huge deal.
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    Ditto PP, I haven't gained anything, but I'm not underweight to start, just normal.  Have you been sick, or eating more?  I think What to Expect says you don't really need any extra calories until more like 2nd and 3rd tri, so I've just been eating what I'd normally eat, but more spread out, to try to ward off the sick. 
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  • my doctor didn't want me to start gaining weight until week 20!  but really the only thing you can control is the quality of your food and exercise and your body is going to do what it is meant to do.  don't worry unless your doctor is concerned.
  • From what I can tell, you have nothing to worry about so far. Everyone gains at different rates; at 14 weeks, I hadn't gained any weight...but there is certainly a healthy, active baby growing in there! I'd say just make sure you're eating well and as much as you're hungry for, then sit back and relax. That's just my opinion.

  • I have lost 14 pounds. But Dr. isn't too concerned because baby is still growing and I just started my 2nd trimester...
  • I've lost weight, and my doctor isn't concerned. I'm definitely rounder in my belly area (and my boobs! Good Lord!), but I can tell I've lost weight in my face and legs. I wouldn't worry about it until your doctor mentions it.
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  • I am almost 15 weeks and still haven't gained.  Like all the other PP's are saying, it's normal and everyone's body is different. If you are eating right then there is nothing to worry about-if your doctor brings it up as being an issue then you can always see a nutritionist.  Good luck!
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  • i am 13 1/2 weeks and have not gained more then 1/2 pound at the most. My doctor did not seem to concerned at my 10 week appointment and said she expected i will gain more as I progress through the second tri. With my first i think I had already gained like 10 lbs at this point so i am honestly pretty happy. I gained way too much the first time around!
  • I am 13 weeks and am down 7 pounds.  The Dr says no need to worry and at my NT Scan the baby was measuring 6 days ahead so it must be getting what it needs.
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