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I feel like my baby doesnt love me.

This is stupid I know.. my DD is about 7 weeks old.. but her adjusted age is a little more than 2 weeks. She is really not behind though as far as that goes.

Anyway.. I am with DD all day and usually all night too. She never looks at me when Im feeding her or talking to her. EVER. Ive tried things like just looking at her with a completely blank expression so that she doesnt get overwhelmed, etc.. but to no avail.

However.. she seems to make constant eye contact with my DH and my mom when shes around. It upsets me, even though I know that shes just a baby and doesnt even really know what shes doing. I love her so much.. and Im just writing this to get it out I guess! Thanks for listening to me!


Re: I feel like my baby doesnt love me.

  • That's a newborn for you!  Her eyesight still isn't all that great so keep that in mind. 
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    {{hugs}} Mr girls were born at 35 weeks and it's only been the past few days that they have really started making eye contact with me and showing expressions.

    Give it a little more time. Soon she won't take her eyes off you! 

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  • if she's looking more at DH or other people, it may just be that they are less familiar.  She doesn't need to look at you because she is so used to you. She knows your sound, scent, etc.  In time, she will, don't worry- she loves you :)

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  • Mine was nine weeks early.  She doesn't make eye contact with me either.  I worry about it constantly... 
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  • I wonder if you are just her main source of comfort right now so when she is with you she relaxes, get sleepy, wants to snuggle.  Other people may keep her more interested because she doesn't associate them with sleep.  I wouldn't worry about it too much, she is still really young.  My 4 wk old term baby only randomly catches my eyes.  I think it is just really hard for them to focus yet.

  • i hear ya...ds didn't smile at me until about a week ago. he smiled at the dog, pictures on the wall and dh but not me. that first real smile to me was so amazing and so worth the wait! your dd will get there and it will melt your heart and be worth the wait for you too!

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  • When my baby was born, I sort of felt the same way, but didn't have the courage to say anything about it. I think that's just the way newborns are. I was pretty uncomfortable (what if she likes her daddy better than me?) until she started smiling. What a relief!!  i was all, "oh, you like stuff!! that's great! glad to see there's somebody home!" and she has just been getting better and better at communicating since then. we've formed a really tight bond, and I am sure that will happen for you, too. It's good that you are talkng about it and not just privately worrying like I did- seems like you've gotten some good answers here.

    Your baby does love you.

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  • I totally felt the same way for the first three seemed like everyone could soothe and comfort DS besides me. I tried not to take it personal but it was a little discouraging. Well now that he smiles and is more expressive, it's clear he loves and seeks out his momma. :) Sometimes it just takes them a little while to show it!
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