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Dental I just weird?

I know this is going to sound like a weird post. But for the past two weeks or so, every single time I brush my teeth I start gagging and it's a battle not to throw up. The first time I gave in and did, but when I rinsed out my mouth and went to brush my teeth again, I just started gagging again. It's so annoying! I mean they say pregnant women are already more prone to cavities and I'm sure something like this can't be helping! I've tried using a different toothpaste and that didn't help, so I've just been getting through it as quickly as possible. I keep crossing my fingers it's some weird pregnancy aversion and will go away soon. Please tell me that someone else has experienced this.
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Re: Dental I just weird?

  • I struggle with this every day.  I am using crest kid's toothpaste and it helps a little.  I wish I had better advice.
  • OMG totally and to make mine even worse, every time I brush my teeth my mouth fills with blood and I usually can't stop myself from throwing up...and that makes me nervous especially at night to be throwing up dinner almost every night.I now use an extra soft tooth brush and brush really lightly and then use mouth wash. Cross my fingers I am not developing cavities. Some of the side effects of pregnancy I expected - weight gain, food cravings and aversions, having to pee, etc. But how come no one warned me about the tooth brushing?!
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  • I struggle with this too.  It's not fun!  With DD, I had this fun problem until about 20 weeks.  This time though, it seems worse.  I've thrown up a lot more this time.
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  • everyday for me too!  In fact this morning I was feeling crappy so I decided I would wait a while to brush my teeth after my Zofran kicked in but then as I was driving to work I realized I forgot to brush them-yuck!  Thank goodness I have some gum.
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  • Yep - this is me too!  Brushing my teeth doesn't bother me, what gets me is when I brush my tongue!  I threw up for the 1st time this pregnancy a few days ago from it.  Everytime I start brushing my tongue I start gagging and then the extra saliva comes, my eyes water like I'm going to yak and then my stomach starts cramping up.  Ughh, it's so awful, I feel your pain!


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  • Pregnant women are more susceptible to gum disease and bleeding gums which can indicate periodontal disease, which can be bad for the baby. I went to my dentist last week and she said that if my gums get really bad they would schedule me for another cleaning (I go every 6 months now) to stay on top of any buildup. I don't mean to scare anyone, but if your gums are bleeding and keep bleeding, I would call your dentist.
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  • I had this really bad from about 7-12 weeks.  I went in for a teeth cleaning and the dentist told me not to brush my teeth immediately after vomiting because the stomach acid does a lot of damage to your teeth.  She suggested dissolving some baking soda in a little water and swishing it around in your mouth to help neutralize the acid. 

    Thankfully, this symptom has lessed the last week or so.  Good luck!

     Oh, I also have a lot more bleeding gums than usual, especially when I attempt to floss.  Dentist said it was from the baby aspirin and hormones.

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  • I can't brush for the first 2 hours after I wake up and then I have to brush with Listerine, not toothpaste. Regular brushing causes me to throw up everytime. I HATE it and hope it disappears soon.
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