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Big Brother Gifts

Hi Everyone,

We are expecting our little girl in 3 weeks.  We are trying to find a fun

gift for our 2.5 year old son to get him excited once the baby comes.


Any ideas? 

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Re: Big Brother Gifts

  • Our son turned 3 last weekend, so our sons are close in age.

    For the post-baby gift, we got him a picture frame with a mat, and we used paint pens and stickers to decorate the mat with phrases about how much we love him, how much his little sister loves him, and how special he is.  After she's born, we'll take a picture of the two of them and he'll know that the frame is for the picture when it's printed to be put in his room.  We also got him a "big brother" shirt that will be given to him from DH and me by the people taking care of him before he comes to the hospital to see her for the first time so that he can wear it.

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  • "Little sister" is giving DS an ipod touch.  It's an expensive big brother gift, for sure, but DS is obsessed with both our iphones and they've both suffered thanks to his attention.  I need my phone, I need it not to be shattered into a million pieces, and DS absolutely loves the games he can play on it... so he's getting his own ipod (which also means he will stop calling my friends in London, thankfully!) in an Otterbox.  I'm hoping it might help keep him occupied during marathon nursing sessions too.
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  • When ds#2 was born we gave ds#1 a play doctor's kit, so he could help take care of me and the baby (he was 2). This time I think we might get the boys some dinosaurs from their little sister. They will think she is the greatest :)
  • I saw some stuffed brontosaurus's on etsy.com that I'm going to make. I want the boys to both have one with the first letters of their names on each one. DS2 is due two weeks after DS1 will be turning four so he will get lots of other things around that time to. I also have a leapster,and some electronic books hidden away for a birthday gift that he can have and get used to before hand then he won't be as bored in the hospital.


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  • my son is 2.5 as well.

    We are thinking of having baby brother get him a two-wheel bike with pedals. He got a two-wheeler strider bike for his 2nd Birthday, and recently rocked a bike with pedals that a neighbor had. He could ride bikes all day if we let him. Its something fun to do while mom is nursing...

    I like the other idea of getting a leapster. Then he could help "read" books to his little brother.

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  • I started a big brother box about 4 months ago. My son is 7 and asked to have a baby sister. He is so very excited and has been involved in everything baby. I will be giving him the gifts in the box when we get settled into the hospital. It includes, 2 puzzles, 2 small lego sets, a coloring book, crayons, a toy stethescope that goes with his "I'm The Big Bother" scrubs to wear, and the big purschase was a Kodak playsport video camera. Perfect to take plenty of pics and videos of him and Baby Sister.

    We are hoping that all of this will keep him busy during delivery because he REALLY wants to be in the roon when Baby Sister comes out.

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