1st Trimester

migraines- IV treatment/Codine

my migraines last 24-48 hours, occur at least 1x per week and cause vomiting 1-3 times per migraine.

tylenol+codine does not work. 

doc suggested that if it becomes unbearable, an IV drug can be administered by a home nurse. 

anyone tried this? 

Re: migraines- IV treatment/Codine

  • I have not. I use tylenol, hydrocodone (stronger than codeine) and caffeine. Before pregnancy, I used ibuprofen too. Plus ice packs, low light, lying down, etc. Usually if the pain meds don't work, I do another dose right before a half-cup of coffee and then try and relax and let the caffeine dilate my blood vessels. McD Sweet Tea isn't usually caffeinated enough, so I have to do coffee. Blech. Luckily, last time I was pregnant my migraines went away completely. You might ask the doc about hydrocodone. Usually the codeine works for me, but I bring out the "big guns" depending on how bad it is when I wake up, or how fast I need it to go away to care for my daughter.
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