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For those who breastfeed but supplement

I nurse DD for all but one feeding per day.  She generally takes her bottle quite quickly, since she's used to nursing, which takes more effort.  What I'm wondering is when to switch nipples for her bottle feeding; I'm still using a slow-flow nipple, but wondering if I should try a medium-flow nipple now that she's 4 months.  Any thoughts?
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Re: For those who breastfeed but supplement

  • We switched over two medium-flow nipples about a week ago. H noticed that she was getting fussier and struggling when we put the nipple in her mouth. He tried replacing it with a medium flow nipple and she's been calm while feeding ever since. I guess she wasn't getting enough before!
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  • We have stuck with the slow flow nipples because breastfeeding takes more work on their part to get the milk flowing and I dont' want him to get too used to not having to put in any work to get milk out of the bottle - makes it harder to breastfeed - that is my thought anyway....

     He is fed with bottles while I'm at work - by the time we get to the weekend when he is breastfed all day - he gets a little fussy at the effort he has to put forth - I can only imagine that getting worse if we moved to quicker flow nipples on the bottles.


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  • I EP but still use infant nipples at 4 months because my kid seems to think every bottle is a race.
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