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The soreness is going away and it's freaking me out

The tenderness in my boobs is almost completely gone. That was my one major symptom. I've had slight morning sickness. I am scared I'm having a miscarriage. I have my first appointment tomorrow and am worried sick that they are going to give me bad news. Anyone experiencing anything similar, symptoms-wise??
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Re: The soreness is going away and it's freaking me out

  • I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.  I was having crazy cramps for 2 weeks and those have now stopped.  I'm thinking of it as a good sign, not a bad one.  

    Before you know it your boobs will be hurting again, or else some more annoying symptom will take their place! Then you'll feel pregnant again.


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  • QmommyQmommy
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    When symptoms disappear it means your body is adjusting well to the hormones.  It does not mean that there is something wrong.  If you have blood with cramping then you can worry.  Lack of symptoms suck as breast tenderness, m/s, constipation, etc.  are nothing to worry about. 

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  • kanejkanej
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    Thanks ladies. This is my first and I am so freaked out. Your words definitely make me feel better :) 
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  • The soreness of my breasts were insanely painful!! My poor hubby would almost get scolded because he bumped it or touched them the wrong way. I felt so bad but i think he is begining to understand because he is more gentle. Although, my soreness is going away too.
  • i hear you...

    freaking out here as well....... have had a migraine for the last 2 days and today my breasts aren't as sore as they have been and don't feel as full..... I am scheduled for my first ultrasound today and i am dreading bad news....


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  • I haven't had full breast soreness in a couple weeks. It's more centralized around the nipple now.
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  • right at 9 weeks, all of my big symptoms went away and scared the crap out of me. my boobs are still sensitive, but not painful. my nausea is gone and i just have minor indigestion/gas now. i was really worried, but we had an appt yesterday and heard the heartbeat on the doppler. it was really strong and my doc said everything was just fine and not to tell the ladies in the waiting room because they'd be jealous. ;)

    anything is possible, but try to keep positive and not panic. update us tomorrow, please?

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  • Despite researching boards and posts about disappearing symptoms, and reading that it happens to many of us and is nothing to be worried about, I still had to call the nurse today just to make sure I was okay. She reassured me that it's normal to "lose" your symptoms and still be just fine :) 
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  • Don't freak out! My symptoms all went away around 8 weeks and were completely gone by 10 weeks. I thought I had lost the baby- everything was fine though! My doc heard the heartbeat right away and now I have a doppler and can hear the heartbeat whenever I worry that I'm feeling "too good".

  • Sister, don't worry. Unless you are bleeding you are fine. Even if you do bleed a little you are still probably fine. I'm praying for the peace of Jesus to wash over you and give you a calm spirit, one that trusts that everything is in His hands. He loves you and wants the best for you. 



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