1st Trimester

Cant wait for M/S to stop!

I got spoiled with my last pregnancy with my son. I had no M/S at all! It was wonderful! I honestly felt i deserved the no puking, cause i puked every day starting from 8 weeks to 20 weeks with my daughter. Now have it again and its back with vengeance!

Its really hard to throw up in the morning when your 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old are standing outside the bathroom door crying cause they think mom is hurt! I've tried waking up earlier so they cant hear me in my bathroom but its like clock work! I've waken up at 730 to get it out of the way but nothing!  It doesn't hit me till 9am! By that time, my LOs are up and running around!

Sorry for the long rant on puking! i know its not the most wonderful thing to talk about!  

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Re: Cant wait for M/S to stop!

  • Mine is just now getting so much better.  Hopefully not too much longer!
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  • This is my first baby and morning sickness is no JOKE!  I wish it were actually in the morning though... mine seems to really hit me in the late afternoon and evening now.  A few weeks ago it was about 80% of the time I was awake and now it's probably only 25% of the time I'm awake so I guess there is improvement =)  Good luck and keep sparkling water on tap... that seems to help me!
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