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When to start...

First time mom here!Surprise Im just starting my second trimester ay 14 weeks and 3 days, and i would LOVE to know...When is it ok to start buying / getting babys room ready?! I feel that i have started the "nesting" and I want SO badly to get started, when is it ok to go ahead? 

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Re: When to start...

  • Start when you feel like it. There's no right time to start working on the nursery. Since you sound like you have the energy to do it, start now.
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  • Start whenever you want!

    I know for me with DD as it got closer and I got bigger it was harder to decorate. I was standing on a chair painting stripes on her walls at 8 months pregnant (windows opened of course)! My DH wasn't happy about it! But I knew he wouldn't do it right! HA!

    So do what you can before your belly gets bigger!

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  • I think start when ever it feels right! I ordered baby furniture already because it will take 12weeks to come in but I am waiting to really get going untill I know if my LO is a boy or girl. I also started my registry but again just the gender neutral items for now.

    Its so much fun I want to make sure I enjoy the whole process

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  • Whenever you have an idea of what you want : )
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  • Whenever you wish, but as a 2nd-timer, I recommend soon....before the belly gets in the way, and ligament pains begin. I had DD's nursery done by 4 months. And I was so thankful!
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  • DH insisted I waited till 2nd trimester, he was paranoid and wanted to be safe. Crib is assembled but that is it so far. DD and DC2 will be sharing a room so I did a little re arranging of furniture. 


    You will be thankful to have the major stuff done before you are too big to comfortably do it yourself. 

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