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baby hates breastmilk??

When DD she was born she was on breastmilk with a little bit of a high calorie formula. This lasted 3 weeks till she got very constipated and fussy.

So yesterday DD was switched over to a predigested formula (the milk protien is already broken down) and we have been mixing 1 oz formula with 1 oz breastmilk per bottle.

Well last night she did okay, but this morning she screamed and screamed taking the first 10 ml of her bottle. Finally she just stopped taking it. DH suggested we try a bottle of JUST formula. Sure enough she took it down fine.

For her next bottle we went back to our breast/formula mix and again she screamed and cried. DH made another all formula bottle and she took it fine.  her next bottle we did just formula and she took the whole thing.

Has anyone ever heard of this, a baby that doesn't like breastmilk?


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Re: baby hates breastmilk??

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