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hello weepy pregnancy tears!

Just read an email at work and got all weepy. The thing is - it was a happy good email! We'd made a small donation to contribute to a surgery for a dachshund rescue. The email just thanked us and told us that they'd raised the needed money and the little doxie had been scheduled for surgery. Just burst into tears in the middle of my office. My co-workers don't know what to think. 

They may not notice the increased bathroom trips or the unbuttoned pants under my desk (bloat).... but they're definitely taking note of the uncontrollable weeping. 

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Re: hello weepy pregnancy tears!

  • Awww...I'd have been bawling too.  I am a pretty emotional person already and the pregnancy hormones are just exacerbating the weepiness.
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  • I am very fond of Elephants and I found out today that an elephant at our local zoo passed away. We only had two at the zoo anyway so now just Ellen is left. Mary and Ellen had been together for along time and apparently Ellen is now depressed. I literally bawled my eyes out while reading the newspaper article! Ok I probably would have kinda teared up anyway, but im talking full on sobbing, calling my husband! He was like omg whats wrong are you ok? I told him and he was like seriously honey, you have got to pull it together! lol
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  • This is going to sound terrible but when we found out that we are prego one of my friends had die two days before. But everytime I cried OMG the headache and my eye ache. Yes my head and eye felt like a huge vein was about to explode in my head everytime I cry or got excited or upset.

    So when we found out we are prego I couldn't even show emotion cause my darn head hurts too much! And of course the other day I drove by the hospital that I will deliver at.... I got all choked up and started to cry and HELLO INSTANT HEAD/EYE ACHE it ends the tears real fast. To say I am so upset that I can't show my emotions is beyond frustrating and then I have you ladies to share with! <3

  • Oh I did this this morning. I was in the car and listening to the country station and some song came on about a father talking to his son about doing good to the world and even when he's gone he'll still be with him. I didn't actually shed a tear but I got all choked up. I'm even choked up thinking about it now. I'm so not an emotional person so this is weird for me.
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