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Another registry question

Anyone feel weird about registering for a breast pump?  I don't know what my hang up is but I would always feel weird about shopping for a registry when someone registered for a pump, pads to catch leakage, or sore nipple cream.  I didn't go that far into it I just asked for the pump and the storage containers. I didn't plan on it but when DH seen how expensive they were, it immediately went on the list.

What did you do?



Re: Another registry question

  • I did feel kind of weird about ordering a pump and nipple cream, so I figured I'd just bite the bullet and buy them myself. Everything else, I was pretty okay with. I also found out that my insurance will either reimburse you  or pay for one directly if you buy a pump that meets their specifications (which they wouldn't do if it was purchased by some one else).
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  • one was given to me through WIC, so I didn't need to register for one. (plus I was home for a long while with DS to feed at the boob)... but I would have indeed registered for it if I wasn't getting one from WIC. they are so expensive. I don't think it's weird at all.... It's how you've chose to feed your baby.
  • I registered for it - but didn't actually get it and ended up getting one for sale online.

     I think anyone who feels awkward about it will skip right over it and go to all the cutesey stuff.  But someone you know better (a good friend of yours who nursed, your mother, a grandmother, etc) might feel more comfortable, see if on your list and pick it up. With as expensive as they are, if there's anyone who wants to spend that much on you, let them!

  • I've been to showers where the mother-to-be received her pump, etc. It was only a bit strange for the people who didn't have kids (me at the time) but you move on to the next gift and forget about it. I think it is pretty standard to register for that kind of thing.
  • Thanks for the info ladies.  I will call my insurance company and see if they cover a pump. 

    Do you have to qualify for WIC to get a pump from them?

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    Thanks for the info ladies.  I will call my insurance company and see if they cover a pump. 

    Do you have to qualify for WIC to get a pump from them?

  • I have a friend who registered for a pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, everything boob related. They are not hurting for money either. I just thought they should have bought it on their own.

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  • Personally it doesnt bother me because its a normal item to see on a registry. If someone feels uncomfortable buying it for you then they wont but you might have someone like mom, aunt etc buy it for you because they knows its useful. You dont have to put it on but then you might have to buy it yourself...dont feel weird though!!
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  • The more personal items, I am planning on buying myself... Breast stuff (pads, salves, pumps etc); also other toiletries;... I also feel like people want to buy the fun cute stuff and I feel guilty registering for things over $150.
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