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baby gear ? (for 2 LOs)

my son is just over 1 now and will be around 20 months old when our second baby gets here....

im trying quite hard to do all my research on baby gear for 2 (esp strollers) and im having a really hard time finding things that arent aimed at twins.

my boy will be almost 2, i dont need 2 infant seats, but i do need to be able to get them both around w/ me on a daily basis (and by myself frequently as hubby isnt going to be here for awhile after little girl gets here)...

any suggestions?  or any ideas where i can look?? 


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Re: baby gear ? (for 2 LOs)

  • my SIL loves her Chicco Cortina together. She has 3 kids--a 5 y/o, 3 yo next month, and 15 months.. this has been a convenient set for her since it accepted the carseat the 15 month old used, and the soon to be 3 y/o could sit in the back. The price tag makes my heart skip though.. but I'm an admitted cheapskate (though not at a risk to my LO!)

    Here's a few sites on it:



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  • I carried the baby in the sling and put DS1 in the stroller a good bit of the time.  And I also just got the  Graco double stroller.....not the fanciest, but the carrier snaps right in and it's easy.  It doesn't work well in the grass, over gravel etc. Not stroller related, but  I also needed another humidifier, which I realized after Ds2 was sick!  Just another suggestion, in case they aren't sharing a room!
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  • Do NOT get the Graco duoglider. I picked one up cheap at our consignment store and it works, but it is a beast.  It is difficult to push, especially now that the children are bigger.  It is heavy on its own and bulky to move when folded. It took up almost the entire trunk of our Ford Taurus but fits in our minivan fine. The front seat doesn't fully recline, which normally isn't an issue but for longer day trips to disney or the zoo both kids nap in the stroller and I wish they both could fully lay down.  

    DD is outgrowing its weight limits and still a bit of a stroller girl, and I don't love the duoglider, so I am upgrading my stroller.  

    I am going with the city mini double. It is pricey, but I think and hope it will be worth the extra money.  It is side by side which are suppose to steer better than the front to backs.  It is only 9 inches wider and weighs less than the duoglider.  It also holds your child to a higher weight limit and has higher seat backs.  It has a full recline on both seats, so it can be used with a newborn.  THey also sell a separate car seat adapter.  I am getting the clearanced 2010 model at albeebaby.  

    I also considerd the combi twin sport (even lighter and cost less), but I went with the city mini as it seems to hold bigger kids. Also the combi is only compatible with its infant seat and has no adaptor.   My understanding is any side by side under 30 in will fit through most doors.  Good luck deciding.   

    ETA:  Sorry for the book.  I hope it is helpful.  I also wanted to add one thing...  When I just had the two kids, I often had DS in the Ergo with DD in our single stroller. 

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  • I have the Graco Quattro tour duo and it's even heavier and more beastly then the Graco Duo glider, but is better on grass, rocks etc then the duo glider. Now that I am getting bigger and having joint problems I have to use my double umbrella stroller instead (graco IPO) and it is a pain to steer. I am thinking about selling them both and getting something else. I am going to have to carry baby #3 when out alone with all three because a triple stroller is way out of my price range.
  • the city select. worth every penny. You can have it seat one or two kids, and they have a glider board you can add for when your older LO doesn't want to sit anymore. 
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  • My DH got me the Graco Quattro Duo stroller (Zurich model) for the Christmas after DS#2 was born.  It was the only way I could get out of the house!  Used it everyday!  DS#1 was just 2 years old.  

    DS#2 was in his infant seat in the back seat of the stroller, and DS#1 was in the front.  They were pretty happy. 

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  • I'm about to have our 2nd in October and I will have 2u2.  We bought the Phil and Teds Explorer with double kit.  There is no way I could drive around a double wide stroller.  It's really compact for a double stroller and easy to get into the car.  We really like it.
  • I'd skip the bulky double stroller and invest in a nice carrier (sling, wrap, soft structured carrier - whatever you like best). Keep using the stroller for your first and tote the infant around in the carrier. By the time your done carrying #2, #1 will probably be able to walk around more on his/her own, thus skipping the need for a double stroller all together. 


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    My LO's will be about the same ages as yours. We bought the Baby Jogger City Mini double. I was looking at the City Select but went with the City Mini since it was lighter. I wanted something that I could easily use when DH wasn't with me. The 2010 is on sale for $299 on albeebay.com right now.
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  • I was looking for just the thing! I found a Valco Twin Trimode on aBaby.com. You can keep your newborn and your toddler in one carriage. There?s room for shopping bags, too! It?s a great place to shop for baby gear.
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