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s/o name regret

I wouldn't say that I regret naming DD#1 Avery, and it still love it. However, I'm not sure if I would make the same choice today knowing what I know now. 

When we selected the name for her, it was listed on the baby name websites as unisex, but I honestly had no idea that is was such a traditional boy name.

I have to admit that I feel hints of regret when I hear people rant about boy names going girl or people saying its tacky to put a boy name on a girl.

I feel this need to shout, "but I didn't know!" haha. This problem could have easily been solved by a little more research, but at the time, we were wrapped up in excitement about our sweet baby girl, and I thought Avery sounded like a pretty and feminine name. 

I still think it's pretty, but I no longer think of it as feminine which is the part I miss. DD#2 is Lucy Elizabeth, and if this baby had been a girl, our name was Audrey Clare. Both names are as girly as they get! :)

Anyone else think they might have made a different choice? 

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Re: s/o name regret

  • I sometimes wish we would have named him Maxwell instead of just Max, but I think his name fits him well.
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  • Sometimes I wish I had done Emmalynn instead of Emmalee. The Lynn would have been after my Grandmother. I was just so happy to find a name that DH liked and didn't veto that I just stopped thinking about it. I still love Emmalee, just wish I had continued to think. 
  • I originally wanted to name our DD Anne and sometimes I wish I still had named her Anne. We named her Anna. I felt it was a little more contemporary, but now I wish I had more guts to use Anne. ;) Of course, our little Anna is our little Anna. I couldn't imagine any other name on her now.
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  • Definitely, I regret my first daughters name. I named her when I was 19 and her bio father was against any and all normal names. Why did I listen to him? Not sure. He only liked Portia and Paris. Thank the Lord I chose Portia. Much better than Paris and has meaning. If I could go back in time I'd name her Penelope, which was right at the top of my list. I love it. Her middle name is a favorite of mine too, Jane. Not completely terrible, but I look at her and see Penelope. We even call her "Pea"

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  • Thanks for sharing your perspective! I am one who gets frustrated with the trend of using boy names on girls... not necessarily at the individual parents who do it (because of what you stated here... many really don't know because the trend has become so overwhelmingly common for certain name). That said, I am sure I will second-guess my future kids' names! I think it's tough to choose names, and when taking into consideration a spouse's taste... well, there are so many factors. :) So try not to beat yourself up too much... Avery is a nice name (and fwiw, I think it is pretty unisex in our culture).
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    FWIW  I much prefer Avery on a girl and despite its origin would assume a girl if I heard the name...  All your girl choices are very pretty
  • I sorta but not really regret DS's name Dominic... never would have I thought so many people would misprounce such a simple name. Too many people say it like Dominique. grrrr. I still love love love the name but it grates on my nerves to hear it said neek instead of nick.
  • DD's name is Avery, and like you, I was completely unaware that it was originally a boys name. It was suggested to me by a friend, and then I heard it on 30 Rock. It wasn't until I started lurking here that I found out it was first a boys name, but I honestly think it sounds way too feminine for a boy.

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  • I have two daughters.  Emma Grace is 12 and Caroline Noelle is 7.  Emma wasn't popular when we named her, but Emily was.  Seems like there are a lot of 4-8 year olds named Emma.  I still love her name, but just had no idea it would get so popular.  I think the show Friends had something to do with it. 

    Caroline's middle name choice I regret sometimes.  I feel like the N sound from Caroline runs into the N in Noelle.  I love both names, but don't know if I would put them together again. 

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  • I was talked into spelling DD's name 'Haleigh' and I wish I would have gone with Hailey or Hayley.
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  • I would say Avery is DEFINATELY unisex. 
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