3rd Trimester

Body pillows: worth the $?

If so, which one do you recommend?
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Re: Body pillows: worth the $?

  • YES! I absolutely LOVE my body pillow and will be tempted to continue using it for awhile after lo is born. I don't know the brand, but I bought mine at Kohls and it was on sale. 
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  • I've just been strategically placing standard-sized pillows in the bed.  I did this for both my first pregnancy and for this one and it has worked out fine.  I usually have at least 2 pillows under my head (sometimes 3); one under & surrounding my stomach; one between my knees; and sometimes one between my ankles/feet.  The number I use really depends on the amount of support I need to feel comfortable on a given night.  Most nights, 4 pillows is enough, but sometimes I need an extra one.
  • I like lots of regular pillows.  Like 8 of them!  I have a body pillow, but I prefer to be able to move the regular pillows where I need them.
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  • Absolutely! I got the snoogle and have had no trouble sleeping this entire pregnancy.
  • I wanted one with my first pregnancy but never did get one. Boy was that a mistake. My sister gave me one this time around when I was about 4 months. I don't know how I survived with out it before. I'm sure these pillows don't work for some but for me, absolutely worth every penny. It will be hard for me to put it away after the baby is here.


    Do be warned, spouses can get jealous of the pillows.

  • MIne is the big one shaped like a C
  • Yes! I used one when I was pregnant with my DD and loved it!
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  • I have a regular long one and I love it. Definite yes.
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  • Mine was SOOOO worth every penny!  Leachco Back n Body pillow! Supports everything!  So comfy!


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  • image Luckywe1:
    Absolutely! I got the snoogle and have had no trouble sleeping this entire pregnancy.

    I had the worst time getting comfortable in the bed before I got my snoogle. After I got it, I was able to get comfortalbe and didnt have near the pain in my hips, back, and legs. I tried using regular pillows but they wouldnt stay put. Definetly worth the money.

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  • I have the Snoogle and it was worth it. And once baby arrives, I think my husband is going to steal it from me. Whenever I get up before him, he always pulls it over so he can use it.
  • cburitzcburitz
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    DH bought me a Boppy for Christmas and I LOVE it. I couldn't sleep without it. I do wish it was a bit thicker - sometimes I have to tuck an extra pillow under my knees - but still definately worth it, IMO. 

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  • I have a regular ol' body pillow - not a pregnancy one.  And I have had one since college - I am not 38 (no I have not had the same one this whole time).  They are the best.  They are not pricey and totally worth it.  I thought about getting a pregnancy one, but have had no sleeping issues with this one.  So I saved that money because those are expensive
  • kxp004kxp004
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    I like lots of regular pillows.  Like 8 of them!  I have a body pillow, but I prefer to be able to move the regular pillows where I need them.


    I just have a straight rectangular shaped body pillow---no particular brand...

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  • clussyKclussyK member
    I got a snoogle during my 2nd trimester and it has been a lifesaver in terms of sleeping throughout the night. I don't like the idea of messing with a bunch of pillows to strategically place them in spots in order to get comfortable. W/the snoogle, I wrap it around me and fall right asleep and when I have to constantly get up to pee and hop back in bed, it's not a big production. Worth every penny for me. If you get a 20% off BRU coupon, that takes a nice chunk off the price.
  • Yes, yes, and yes!  I LOVE my Snoogle!  It has really helped me learn how to sleep on my side.  I've been a back-sleeper since I knew how to roll over as a baby!  :)
  • I have a regular body pillow. Nothing fancy, got it at Wal-mart for like, $8. It's my best friend. It helps relieve so much pain, and I can fall asleep so quickly with it...and it makes a nice cuddly when hubby is out at the field. Lol.

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  • YES!! I use the Leachco Back & Body - best purchase I ever made!!
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  • I have the Jolly Jumper wedge...$20...that and a regular pillow between my legs.  I've had no trouble sleeping.:)
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  • Oh FFS. Now you're fishing over here? If this is your third child, shouldn't you know by now whether body pillows are worth it?
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  • I haven't needed one at all and am sleeping fine except for the nighttime peeing thing.  I think if I got one, my husband or our cat would have to quit the bed and the cat is quite persistent!!:)

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  • I purchased one shaped like a moon and hated it. With all my tossing and turning, the pillow just couldn't keep up! When I woke, I'd find the pillow that started under my head, along my front and between my legs, had ended up like a swing from my lower back, between my legs and midway up my front. Argh! Needless to say, I just use five standard pillows and rearrange after I get up to use the bathrom nine times a night :)
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