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What do you LOVE about pregnancy...

I think we have the tendency to share the not-so-lovely parts of pregnancy here -- the gross, the ugly, and the stuff that scares the crap out of us. How about we share what we are loving about pregnancy so far? Obviously, the end result is the BEST part of pregnancy, but I've noticed some other perks....

1. My 1st trimester nausea & weight loss has resulted in my love handles disappearing! I think I have more waist definition than I did before getting pregnant!

2. My mom is so happy. Life has been pretty tough for them over the last couple years. They live in a city with a horrendous economy, and she lost her job, followed by my stepdad losing all his perks and benefits. However, since we announced the pregnancy, her whole outlook has changed. She's so happy again!.  

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Re: What do you LOVE about pregnancy...

  • 1. I'm lucky to not have had many typical pregnancy symptoms - i.e. little to no nausea, so I love that I seem to have a pregnancy glow that everyone comments on (yeah, I'm THAT girl).

    2. I feel sexier than ever!  Also, DH has always turned me with a drop of a hat, but I find him even more attractive because he got me pregnant, so all I want to do is jump his bones.

    3. I'm excited for the next stage in life.  Everything has changed for the better for me.

    4. I have a much better relationship with my mother.  It was always a bit rocky but now, even with her unsolicited advice and her believing that her opinion is the only valid one, I feel closer to her.  Both my parents are extremely happy.

    5. Now the baby-making pressure is off!  We didn't get it much from the ILs, but DH is the only boy and he was also the only child without kids.  He kept saying that they thought he was a lost cause in the lady/ baby department (he's 42).  Of course my parents were pressuring us from when we got married two years ago to start a family. 

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  • I simply just love being pregnant and knowing we are finally on track to starting the next phase of our marriage and growing closer as a family as a result.  Our TTC journey was long, isolating, scary, and sad.  But, it really brought us to this place where we have such an appreciation for being on the way to a family of three finally. 
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  • This is a great idea!

    1. So far I have loved the fact that I have so many friends who care about me so much!  Everyone we know is so excited that we are having a baby, and my relationship with my parents has even gotten better (not that it was bad before, but they are 900 miles away). 

    2. I already knew my hubby was the best man ever, but in the last couple of months he has been amazing!  He has rubbed my back when I don't feel good, cooked for me a lot, cleaned the apartment while I take my afternoon naps, and holds my hand when I am crying (which is pretty much at least once a day)! 

    3. I'm starting to get my energy back, and am feeling better in general!  I am super excited for the next months in the 2nd trimester!

  • I like your thinking lady! Sometimes the posts on here scare me and are depressing!

    So far, I love that in being pregnant I feel like I am DOING something....something of huge significance...I just still sometimes can't believe that I'm growing a life inside me. I'll feel so proud to sport that baby bump....can't wait for it to fully show up instead of it look like I just drank a keg of beer. LOL!

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  • First and foremost, I am just so grateful to BE pregnant. It's one of those things I've always worried problems or reasons to worry, I just always feared I would have a difficult time getting pregnant. There are so many women who would love more than anything to carry a child of their own and I try my best never to take this special time for granted. I saw a lot of mother's day status' yesterday that said "I've carried a child in my womb, held my child...." and it made me feel like they were counting out people who have adopted but are just as much mothers as anyone.

    Secondly, I definitely agree with becoming closer with my mom. I love her, and she has a good heart, but she tends to be extremely self-centered... has to be at the center of every conversation, changes everyone's stories to her own, but lately she's actually checking in regularly asking me how I'm doing and telling me how excited she is for the baby to come. It really makes me happy. I read a quote yesterday, "Mothers and daughters are closest when daughters become mothers". I thought this was really sweet, and in my case, definitely the truth. We've had our share of major fights and arguments but things have never been better than they are now. It's another thing I'm trying not to take for granted.

    I also love the anticipation of my belly growing, finding out the sex, friends and family congratulating us... it's all so exciting. :) 

  • I love that I'm growing a baby inside of me, how freaking cool is that!?!  I love watching DH talk about the baby!
  • Being pregnant in itself is nice.  I have PCOS and deep in the back of my mind I was mentally prepping myself for the possibility of never having children.


    I love how excited my family is about it especially my sisters.  Every time I visit I get asked how their little niece is doing (one sister is utterly convinced I'm having a girl)


    While on The Knot I read several Bridezilla horror stories about bride-to-be's not taking a sibling's pregnancy very well because it's a distraction from their wedding.  Well I'm the pregnancy and my sister is the bride-to-be.  I'm her MOH and she's going to be my baby's Godmother (but she doesn't know it yet).  While I've been trying to avoid nonstop babytalk and I'll be giving birth before the wedding anyway, she's been totally supportive to the point of changing the bridesmaids dresses to something pooch friendly.  She can't wait to be an aunt.


    I can't wait until I start feeling kicks though.  I love it when the baby shouts "I'm here!" 

  • I love hearing my LO's heartbeat on the doppler. It's such a beautiful sound and reminds me there is an innocent soul developing in there just waiting to be loved and snuggled by us.

    I love my husband even more. He has been supportive, understanding and tender. He never complains about picking up my slack. I love the grin on his face when he hears the heartbeat too. I can't wait to see him with our baby in his arms.

    My belly is start to round and even though it looks like a beer gut most of the time, it's looking more and more like a bump every day. I think it's going to be super cute!

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  • I love the thought that there's a little person inside me.  It's absolutely amazing and wondrous.  I also love the extra bit of attention.  Before getting pregnant, I was one who always did for every one else and put myself second.  It's nice when people take a few minutes and think about me.  I also love thinking that I'll have someone to teach new things to and share information with.
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  • Like someone else said before I am just grateful to be pregnant at all. I have PCOS and I've been terrified off and on since I was 15 that I would never be able to have children. It's amazing.

    I love living in a age where I can know exactly what's going on inside me and with LO and get to see him/her a few times before they are even born. 

    I love hearing the heart beat and watching little sea monkey squirm around on the ultrasound. 

    I LOVE my husband. He's always been wonderful but he has been extra attentive and wonderful lately. 

    I love being able to eat raisinettes by the fist full and not feel guilty :P

    I love planning for the future of my little family, and I love that I'm finally contributing to my huge family. I have 5 older step-brothers and sisters, 2 sisters in law, and 9 nieces and nephews so we are just adding to the fray at this point, haha.

    And last but not least I love that my little brother, who's 20 and my only biological sibling, keeps calling himself "Bio-Uncle" Stick out tongue

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  • I feel like I'm part of a miracle and a blessing. The fact that the human body can grow a microscopic cell into a full blown baby in nine short months has me in awe every single time I go to the doctor, my boobs grow or I put on a few more pounds. It's amazing.

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  • I love looking ahead and thinking of all the fun we will have with twins.

    I love my husband and how he looks at me nowadays.

    I love my husband and how he cares for me nowadays.

    I love thinking about how much love I have to give these babies.  While most of the people in our lives seem to be overwhelmed at the thought of two babies - I welcome the thought and can't understand why all people see is work.  I see blessings everywhere I look.  (Disclaimer, yes, it will be work - but so are singletons - I just see it all as so very special!)

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  • I love the joy it has brought my parents and ILs. My parents have gone through a rough time this past year with my grandmother passing away and company downsizing. My DH's grandmother is in the hospital now and things do not look good and my FIL's company closed. I wish my grandmother was going to be around to meet this LO, but I know she's watching down on us. If it's a girl, I plan to incorporate her name as part of the first name or the middle name. I've been pretty much terrified the entire 1st tri of another loss so hopefully I'll have more to add after next week when I enter 2nd tri. 

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  • 1.  I am pretty lucky, for the most part I have few if any terrible symptoms

    2.  I love how DH kisses my belly and talks to our baby every day, it totally melts my heart.

    3.  My parents are so over the moon about this pregnancy, which is awesome because they did not get to enjoy my sisters kids at all (less than ideal family situation).


  • I know most people don't like this, but I love pregnancy nose. Sure I can smell all the bad things, but I can also smell all the good. I can smell what my neighbors have for dinner. I can smell the flowers on the orange tree 2 houses away. I can smell DH's deoderant (I love it).

    I also love pregnancy rage as I call it. I've always been really mild mannered, never arguing or fighting with anyone, always just letting things happen and dealing with them. I recently had trouble wit my insurance, trying to switch doctors and the doctor herself was trying to give me the run around. Pregnancy rage kicked in and it was settled that day.

    I love the pregnancy glow and the fantastic hair it's given me. I feel so much more attractive.

    I love that I won't get the whole "Do you have any kids?" "No." "And you're 26? So you're not having any then?" thing anymore. I got that all the time from my family.

    I love this board and how you ladies make me feel like everything that I think is weird that happens to me is happening to all of you too.


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  • I LOVE seeing my LO and hearing his/her heartbeat!

    My pregnancy has been a rough one (lots of m/s and other crap) but after a previous loss, you grow to love even the awful things because its a sign that the baby is thriving!

    I also love that our families are so happy! This is the frist grandbaby for my in-laws and they are thrilled! This will be my parents 4th grandbaby but the other 3 have not been in the best circumstances (my sisters were teens, had no money, the daddies were losers, etc) so needless to say it was more stressful than joyous in the past. They are so excited to now have a grandbaby in the right circumstances where they can just enjoy and not worry.

  • I'm thrilled to be pregnant and am amazed when I think about a little life growing inside of me.  Other than that, I am having trouble coming up with anything that I love about it.

    I love how helpful my DH has been.  For the past 2 months, he has done just about everything - grocery shopping, cleaing, laundry, dishes, dog washing, etc.  It is amazing to see him step up to the plate (and he got mad at me last week for venturing to the grocery store because I gagged the whole time I was there) but I feel pretty bad about it.  I hate feeling useless and not being able to contribute to our household.

    I have been miserable almost every singe day for the past 8 weeks.  While I am now only throwing up every 2-3 days, my nausea has not abated, my food aversions are still going strong and my supernose won't calm down either.  On top of the exhaustion, constant thirst/hunger (yet only being able eat about 5 things), incessant peeing, breakouts, bloating, constipation, weight gain and gas, there is very little that I am loving.  I think I may be one of those women who just doesn't have any easy time with pregnancy.

  • I LOVE the way it brings DH & I even closer. His love for this baby already, and his caring way of making sure I am always comfortable and happy is just beyond amazing!

    I LOVE feeling little flutters!

    I LOVE seeing our LO on ultrasounds!

    I LOVE hearing the heartbeat!

    I LOVE staring at our ultrasound pictures several times each day!

  • This is a great idea!!

     1: I love looking at my growing bump...and shopping for it!

    2: I love the connection that I already feel with my little boy, its amazing how I can love someone that I have not even met yet this much

    3: I love how wonderful DH has been I have really been leaning on him during the first tri and he has been wonderful....I am so excited to start our family together!!!

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  • I love that my body can do this, that it was meant for this.  I love the confidence I have in my body being able to do this.

     I love thinking of my husband as a father.  He drives me so nutty sometimes, but he is the most supportive, understanding person I know and I'm thrilled to bring a child into that kind of an environment.  I know he will temper my tremendous expectations with support/love, and that we will make a good team.  I love when he talks about being a father since I was really the one who wanted the baby, and I felt he was kind of along for the ride but that hasn't been the case since I actually got pregnant.  I love that I get to do this with a man I trust and admire who I know will be a good father. 

    I love that pregnancy is putting me more in touch with my emotions since they are always so close to the surface.  It makes me feel like a teenager again, but I kind of missed that part of myself...when everything just felt so much bigger because there was just less going on in my life.  I like that I can reconnect with that part of myself because of all my raging hormones.  :)

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  • Well first off, I'm of course crying reading all of your responses.  Love those hormones! :)

     1. I love the way DH comes home from work and gently puts his hand on my tummy and say's hello to me and baby.

    2. Love not having to lift heavy stuff or work to "hard" on chores. ;)

    3. Love that I can sleep till 9:30, then need a nap at 4:00 without feeling guilty.  

    4. Love all the back rubs from DH.

    5. Love, love, love that I'm so blessed to be growing a baby inside of me.  I will never take this for granted.  There are so many women that don't get to experience this and God has blessed us with this opportunity.  It is truly a miracle!!! 

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  • 1. I get a baby at the end of it!

    2. i haven't thrown up once. score! (yet)

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  • The ultrasounds! I love watching our baby grow. I love my bump (even if it's bloat right now I will take it!).

    How excited our friends and family are.

    All the hand me downs we have been getting. Boy or girl this baby is gonna be taken care of without us having to buy barely ANYTHING! How cool!

    The massages and foot rubs from hubby. Ok, the pampering in general.

    The excitement of what's around the next bend.

    Watching our dogs figure out what's going on. They stay close to me all the time. A lot of times trying to sit on my belly.

    The November bump group.

    Realizing that there is a miracle in my belly and how blessed we are.

    The morning sickness just doesn't even matter with all the good.

  • I love how loving my family and friends are. They seem to be more understanding when I'm pregnant. They are always checking in on me just to see how I am feeling.

     My hubby is very sweet on a normal basis but since I have been pregnant, he is very considerate about my feelings and tries to help me out as much as he can. I also love the look in his eyes when he is talking about the baby or rubbing my tummy. 

    I love that almost everyone seems to be excited about the pregnancy. 

    For the most part, I am not worried about my weight gain. This is a relief for me since I have been on a diet and rigorous exercise plan since the birth of my first child.



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