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How healthy are you really eating?

Just wondering.. how healthy are you ladies actually eating?  Are you getting in the suggested amounts of fruits, veggies, protein, etc a day?

I'll admit, I wish I was eating healther than I am.  I barely eat any veggies.  I over did it on the broccoli when I first got pregnant so now the thought of it or anything else green makes me want to gag.  I eat a good amount of fruit, but I think I could still eat more.  I know the LO really wasn't needing much in the first tri but now that I'm in the 2nd, I think I need to kick it up a few notches!


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Re: How healthy are you really eating?

  • I never really ate unhealthy to begin with. I would say I do splurge sometimes on a cheeseburger once a month or so but other then that I'm eating exactly how I used to before I got pregnant. 

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  • Not enough, I was doing great the first few weeks, then when food aversions set in and MS to follow it all went downhill.  

    I am a little concerned, but as long as LO is growing appropriately I am not putting too much stress on myself about it.  

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    Not enough, I was doing great the first few weeks, then when food aversions set in and MS to follow it all went downhill.  

    I am a little concerned, but as long as LO is growing appropriately I am not putting too much stress on myself about it.  

    This exactly.  I eat pretty healthy normally, but it was definitely a challenge when m/s set in and I couldn't actually keep veggies or fruit down.  I'm slowly starting to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet, but it's difficult when all I want to eat are eggs, meat, cheese, beans and marinara sauce.  Strange little baby I am growing :)

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  • It was rough at first, I was eating stuff I hadn't had in years! However, I am now back to eating well. One thing that's been helpful for me is to try to modify a meal. For example, we have lots of delicious, cheesy, heavy New Mexican food the spirit of that, I made burritos...but I used brown rice, black beans and corn, cheese, homemade salsa, and yogurt. It was delicious and, overall, healthy! 

    Were you a healthy eater before? I found the easiest veggie to reintroduce into my diet was carrots--raw or cooked.  

  • my first pregnancy and this one i ate like $hit both times.  I just ate whatever I thought would stay down.  I will try to be better this time around but ultimately i'm not too worried about it.
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  • My big problem is drinking enough water. Luckily in the beginning I was craving only fruits and veggies so that helped, but this whole water thing is really kicking my butt.
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    I have had my m/s that disappeared at 9 weeks return with a vengence now at 11 weeks. As I sit here typing this after I just spent the morning praying to the porcelain gods I am eating a cinnamon raisin bagel and for the rest of the day whatever doesn't make me want to get sick at the sight or even thought of. Basically right now I'm eating whatever sounds good because more often than not it's going to end up coming back up anyways. This baby is making me work!
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  • probably not as healthy as I should but I'm trying.  I haven't had much of an appetite so it's been hard.
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  • Not as healthy as I should be.. I've taken advantage of my pregnancy and I've been eating naughty food ------ I need to stop!
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  • I definitely eat more fruit than veggies! Just recently, I started tracking my food on (I had to adjust the calorie suggestions for pregnancy needs) to make sure I'm getting enough protein, fiber, fat, iron, and calcium. So far, so good! I definitely indulge in some less-than-healthy foods, but I eat a lot of good stuff, too. I think tracking it helps me a lot!
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    probably not as healthy as I should but I'm trying.  I haven't had much of an appetite so it's been hard.

    I should have mentioned that this is exactly my problem.  I never have an appetite and nothing ever sounds appealing.  I was a fairly healthy eater before so I think my main problem is just getting back into it.  I'm eating strawberries and kiwis right now so maybe I'll try to start fresh this week and work some veggies in!


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  • This exactly! I haven't had an appetite in what feels like weeks.  

    In fact dear husband cooked dinner last night, fixed me a plate and brought it to me, and I couldn't even touch it.  The same goes for the night before when I cooked dinner.. by the time it was ready I couldn't stomach the thought.  I've been trying to eat a lot of fruit..  tried a mango last night after dh's dinner failed.. and that was a failure as well.  Nothing sounds good.. or looks good.. or smells good!

    I thought I had been very fortunate with the m/s wearing off.. but with wk 12 here.. it feels almost worse in some ways.  

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  • For about the first 10 weeks, all I craved was crap food.  Fries, baked potato, cheese, etc.  I HATED meat (and am just now reintroducing it) for about 2 months. 

    Now, all I crave is salads and fruit.  It's like the pendulum swung all the back to the other side!

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    I have been lucky to not have m/s, just a week or two of some nausea that really wasn't bad. So, I have been able to eat pretty healthy.

    I don't like fast food anyway, so that is not an issue. However, I do love carbs and sugar. I have to remind myself to be careful. And to stay away form simple carbs and make good choices.

    I am good on milk/calcium, and protein but could be better with my veggies.

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  • i'm definitely not getting the recommended amount, but i'm not eating terrible. the first few weeks i just ate whatever sounded good. i didn't have an m/s but i had quite a few food aversions. i didn't eat unhealthy to begin with, but i think i'm eating better now that i'm pregnant that before. i have been eating more fruit. veggies just aren't happening for me. i have never been able to stomach them no matter how many times i try. before i was pregnant i took vitamins to get the iron and protein that i miss out on from not eating veggies.

    i'm eating smaller meals and more frequently. i do indulge on occasion with a cheeseburger or something, but i try to limit myself to once a month. my biggest problem has been that nothing sounded good.. or if it did, once i got it and started eating it, i had no appetite.

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  • I ate absolutely horrible this weekend. We went to a campground with DH's family and all I ate were chips and dip, pizza, ice cream, and cookies. Woops. I'm making up for it today though. :) 
  • I'm eating horribly for my standards but probably not so bad in reality.  Pre-pregnancy I was all about veggies and protein and unprocessed complex carbs.  I was picky about sodas, although I did drink them, and super picky about ingredients (all fresh, all reall 100% of the time).  I was one of those types.

    Now...not so much.  Very early on in the pregnancy - week 5 - I started gagging on veggies.  I used to snack on veggies, have 2 servings with dinner, etc, and now, if I have one serving a week I'm doing good.  Fruit was bad, too, although I'm back to my normal with fruit (2-3 servings for breakfast and that's it).

    What's crazy, for me, is my carbs.  I can eat meals of nothing but potatoes now.  And I did so just last night, for example.  If I eat carbs before anything else I have better luck at keeping the meal down - and potatoes are the carbs I'm after the most.  But sometimes, that's all I can get down.

    I miss my healthy eating.  I don't feel like it's helping my energy at all.  But like many others have said, I'm also just happy to be eating and getting any nutrients in.  I am so ready for m/s to be over with so that I can get back to a balanced diet.

    I'll also add that 9 times out of 10 - my potatoes are fried in some way or another.  Ugh!

    And water.  Oh man I want me some water.  But it makes me sicker than a dog.  I miss water so much right now (my main beverage pre-pregnancy).  Luckily I've discovered decaf iced tea - so at least I can get away from the sugary crap like gatorade or fruit juices.  Still, I just want water!

    So in a nutshell...not healthy at all.

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  • I know I don't eat enough fruit, but sugar has been making me sick so I have to be very careful about the amount of sugars I eat.  I eat plenty of veggies and I'm doing pretty well on the protein.  Some days are much easier than others.  I'm definitely getting enough water though  -  all I can drink right now is water and I'm probably having 16+ glasses a day.

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  • I eat amazingly healthy until about 8pm lol....
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  • I wish I was eating healthier, but from week 6- week 12 the thought of vegetables made me want to gag.  I tried to hide them anywhere I could, but no it was way less than I normally eat.

    However, two days ago I craved a salad and it was amazing!!! So I think I'm finally out of my "fatty funk", luckily I went to the dr today and only put on 6 lbs the first 13 weeks...based on how little I was exercising and how bad I was eating I was really happy.

  • I stuck a copy of the food guide on my fridge and made a check box chart for each of the food groups because I was getting really concerned that I wasn't getting the proper servings-and rightly so! I wasn't! Now, I feel a lot more responsible and in control of what I'm eating. I still eat some junk, but at least I've usually had all 7-8 servings of fruit/veg that day!
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  • Pre-pg and the first few weeks, I had a fairly healthy diet. Then I started eating whatever I thought would help with the m/s - so not all that healthy. I'm still eating way more junk than usual, but starting to get back to a healthier diet. Saturday was a good day - lots of fruits & veggies & about 130g protein. Yesterday wasn't so hot. I had way too much monkey bread, refined carbs & other junk food.
  • I have always been a very healthy eater, big on veggies, lean protein, etc.  My problem tends to be that nothing sounds good, so I'm definitely not getting everything in that I should be as far as protein and calcium.  Meat has been grossing me out since getting KU, and I don't really like dairy products. Hoping that my m/s will let up so that I can get in the required nutrients. 
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  • It's so good to see that I'm not the only one!!  I was also a pretty healthy eater before pg, especially the last six months or so.  I had been eating a lot of veggies and cutting way, way back on meat.  But now, it's like a total 180.  I think I've had one vegetable in the last month.  They are just totally unappealling.  I am eating fruit, about 2 pieces per day on average.  I go nuts on starch.  Mac and cheese, rice pilaf, bread, crackers, cereal.  And cheap meat is very appealing a lot of the time--burgers, Arby's.  Pretty much everything else just sound gross.  I used to cook dinner almost every night, but have given up on that completely.  DH is finally getting used to it!  We went to the season's first farmer's market on Friday, and I could have cried about all the fresh asparagus--which I usually love--but I just can't stomach right now.  Oh well, at least I can enjoy the strawberries!

    You'd think that if nausea and morning sickness are a way for our bodies to avoid eating stuff that's dangerous, it would also want us to eat stuff that is healthy (veggies)!  Although, one thing I have been totally averse to is caffeinated drinks.  I used to drink tea daily and Coke a few times a week, but have had no desire for either in over a month. 

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  • I eat healthy most of the time, and did pre-pg, but I do have a treat daily. Our meals are on the healthy side, and incorporate as many veggies as I can make DH stand. My breakfasts last week were strawberries and a banana w/green monster muffin or bowl of cheerios.
    I never eat fast food, not a big pop drinker and try to avoid fried stuff if we go out to eat. My weaknesses are cookies and cake, and that I love to bake. I don't follow a food guide, but that's a good idea to have a visual reminder. I think I'll do that!
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  • I'm doing okay. I wasn't a *terrible* eater before...made the 5 a day more often than not, but I have a habit of randomly losing it and hogging out on bad things too. The first-tri quesies totally messed me up and all I wanted were fruit and carbs. I'm trying to get back to my better habits now that I'm feeling better but I get full pretty quickly so I tend to eat a lot of healthy but small meals and then my in-between snacks are whatever I can find. Working on it.

    DH is not helpful either because he keeps expressing amazement that I'm not milking the pregnancy craving idea for all it's worth. But I'm not really having cravings which, to me, says there's probably nothing that's blatantly lacking nutrient-wise.

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  • image ldswims:

    I'm eating horribly for my standards but probably not so bad in reality. 

    This is how I feel about my diet. In reality, it's probably fine, I just feel it's not up to my normal standards.

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  • I'm with you. I hope I'll be able to step it up in 2nd tri. M/S was keeping anything I ate from staying where it should and my food adversion was allowing me to eat fast food once a day. So that's pretty much what I got to eat for 6+ weeks. I feel very bad about it because I gave it up a while ago to be healthier, and here I am going back to it. It's been better lately, though. Plus, I'm working on getting my water intake back to where it should be. GL, here's to a healthier 2nd tri and beyond! Beer
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  • I haven't gone off the deep end, but I'm definitely not eating as well as I was before.  I'm pretty good about getting in 5 a day during the week at least, and now that the warmer weather is here I'm looking forward to all the yummy fruits and veggies that will be in season.  Unfortunately, I've been craving desserts, and because I'm sick of water I've been drinking more juice and sodas.  I do, however, try to find drinks with lower sugar content and all natural ingredients.
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  • I used to be good about getting a lot of protein and veg in through the day--though I had a HUGE sweet tooth. First tri changed all that...I have an aversion to red meat of all things (I could demolish a 16 oz ribeye before pregnancy!), HATE green vegetables, and am a total carb freak. Not the healthful carbs, but the refined stuff--pasta, noodles, dumplings, savory pastries. At least I lost my sweet tooth or I'd REALLY be in trouble!
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