Fewer longer or shorter more frequent sessions

So yesterday I reported that LO would not always take to the left breast.  I was going to start pumping that breast but I took the advice of some bumpies and continued to try and as of this mornings feeding we did ok (everyday seems to be a new success and a new challenge).

Now for todays question: If I have a successful latch I've been able to go more than 20 minutes a side but then I think that's interrupting the next scheduled feeding (the hospital recommended 8-12 feeding sessions).  Does it make sense to stop her successful feeding and break it out into more frequent shorter sessions or take advantage if a feeding session that is going well, go longer and only do 6-7 sessions a day.  I can't wait for the LC to call me back today.  This is torture.

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Re: Fewer longer or shorter more frequent sessions

  • Do what your baby wants.  There's ideal and there's reality.  If your baby is nursing well, ESPECIALLY this early in the game, let her eat as long as she wants and don't interrupt her.  Your baby will stop eating when she's full.  Don't let anyone tell you that she's "pacifying" herself at your breast and not actually eating.  Any sort of suckling is active eating, truly.  If you try to gently pull on your breast and the nipple is still firmly in there, let her be.  If it slides out with no resistance, she's done.  Also, don't worry about getting in a certain amount of feedings in per day; let her take the lead and more than anything don't let her go more than a couple hours of NO nursing so your milk comes in.  I made the mistake with my baby of focusing on the 8-12 feedings per day as opposed to letting her nurse for 45 minutes.  If I would have done that, she wouldn't have needed to nurse so frequently.  I'd stop her after about 20 minutes "thinking she got enough" and she'd cry and cry and cry and I never put two and two together for the longest time.  I was nursing her 15-18 times a DAY!  She's a slow eater, but when she truly get's her fill, I don't hear a peep outta her for 4 hours now.  Let go of the ideal "what you should do" and just follow what your baby does.  You truly truly truly cannot spoil them.  And keep track of wet/poopy diapers.  She should be saturating numerous a day and stooling at least daily in the beginning (mine pooed every time she ate).

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