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Baby shower cakes - rant!

I like cake decorating and its been a hobby of mine since HS. I used to sell cakes but once I realized I'd need a license, insurance, etc I just let it go. I bake for friends, family, work, but thats it. So being the hobbycakesnobby that I am, I'm already scoping out baby shower cakes. Let me just say, I can not stand the stupid pregnant belly and baby diaper butt cakes!! First they are just NMS at all, and second I find them down right absurd and tacky. Especially the belly ones where they put the feet sticking out. "Um yes, please cut me a piece of the baby's foot, thanks."  Today I saw a belly cake that not only had feet sticking out, but also nipples.  NIPPLES.  "Yes, I'll have a piece of your breast, no nipple though." Why Why Why? WHY??  And the diaper ones. Who wants a cake with half a baby - that half being the a$$ - on top? I just don't get it. I know these cakes are wildly popular - and I apologize to any of you who have had or want these cakes b/c you like them - but I just don't.  Will it be wrong of me to inform the person(s) throwing my shower(s) that I absolutely do not want either of these types of cakes? I mean, it's not just that I don't like them, I find them offensive.   Ok, rant over.
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Re: Baby shower cakes - rant!

  • Its your shower and should not have to have a cake that offends you. I would bring it up in casual conversation that someone from your baby group showed a picture and you hate it that way you are indirectly telling them that you find it offensive but not telling them exactly what cake to get you. for my first baby shower I had a tiered cake and it had blocks and rocking horses, it was really pretty and I loved it!!
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    Agreed. Any cake that's been featured on Cake Wrecks is a tacky idea. Maybe you can pass it off as a craving- mention to whoever's planning your shower, "Oh, I've been craving cupcakes from X Bakery!" And maybe they'll take the hint. FWIW, I didn't have a cake at mine- just little cake bites from a local bakery.
  • I'm so scared my ex's family is going to have a full out baby cake. They're throwing me a shower for just me, him and his family which I was pleasantly surprised to hear, but the lady that they get cakes from has a baby on her FB page and it creeps me the eff out! I can't even fathom the thought of cutting into a baby lol
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  • I hate cakes like that.  I'm also not a fan of cakes that have a picture from an u/s screen printed on them.  They creep me out.  I would just like a regular cake that says Congrats.  No need to cut into a baby or a belly for cake.

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  • I made a list of colors, flavors for cake, and foods that I was hoping would be at my shower (as well as those I really really don't want). Its really early I know, but I didn't want the kind of babyshower a lot of people I know have had. I want mellow, laid back and pretty. My sister and one of my closest friends are throwing it and both said it's ok for me to be all OCD because they'd prefer I be happy for real than fake it. I told my mom I am being ungrateful and b*tchy (because really I am) and she told me to enjoy it and let my requests be known. It's a special day and it should be what I like. So go for it, let them know what you do or don't like so that your shower is memorable in good ways. Plus a belly or diaper butt cake would probably be more expensive than a sheet cake or something less "sculpted" so you could be saving them money ya know?


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