waiting on cereal?

DS is about to be 4 months old (in 9 days)  I was going to start cereal but he doesn't seem like he needs it.  BM seems to be enough.  I would like to push it off because BM is so much more nutritional then cereal.  My friend held off with her daughter until 6 months.

How long have other Moms waited to give cereal? 

Re: waiting on cereal?

  • We skipped cereal all together and started solids at 6 months.  Our first foods were avocado, sweet potato, and bananas.
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    Follow your instincts on this, you're right!  It's recommended to wait to introduce solids to EBF babies until 6 months. And even once solids are introduced, BM remains the main source of fat/nutrition/calories until age 1. You are right about BM being the best nutrition for LO. Rice cereal is basically empty calories and the only good thing about it is the iron.  There are other options you can chose like banana or avocado when you do introduce solids. 

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  • I started about a week before my daughter was 6 months, I offered her brown rice cereal and then after a week she got constipated! Turns out the cereal can do that so I switched to peas and then started doing baby-led-weaning with avocado, pears, cooked squash and carrots. My daughter loved feeding herself so much that she stopped allowing me to feed her at around 8 months!

    If you don't think your baby is ready don't push solids! It is ok to wait 6 months or some babies wait even longer and that is perfectly fine and healthy solids are just for fun before one!

    I like this site for some fun recipes and information about ages and foods: 


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  • our old pediatrician suggested starting at 6 mos - whether the baby is bf for formula-fed. so we did for dd#1.

    we moved and the new pedi suggests waiting until 6 mos, but will tell parents they can start as early as 4 mos. again, we planned to wait 6 mos, but started at 5.5 mos - she was super excited by it and ready.

    the cereal and purees do not replace bm for nutritional value. at the earliest stage of giving "food" it's about learning to eat. the entire stage 1 jar of puree is 2.5 oz and 25 calories and my kid only eats about half a jar at a time - so 12 calories isn't a lot.

    also, she gets this food AFTER nursing or a bottle - the primary calories and nutrition are still coming from bm.

  • We started at 6 mo. He was ready so it was an easy transition.

  • My pedi said anytime 4-6 months was ok to start, but I am waiting until 6 months.  We had planned on starting with rice cereal, but the more I've been reading the more I think I'll start with things like avocado, yams, banana, sweet potato and then meats since the rice cereal is mostly empty carbs (and breast milk is high in carbs anyway). 

     Kellymom has some good info on this, and I love their site because it's research based recommendations.

  • I really like the idea of moving to nutritional solids after 6 months & skipping cereal.  I am going to hold off.
  • We're absolutely skipping cereal an doing BLW no earlier than 6 mos
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  • I guess I'm in the minority! We started on organic brown rice cereal 1-2 times a day at 4 1/2 months. I only make a teaspoon of the cereal mixed with water or BM. We've also done green beans and peaches (this morning) and both have been a hit. I haven't noticed any constipation. We're going to try oatmeal later this week.

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  • We started organic brown rice cereal at 5 months.  I wanted to hold off until 6 months, but at her 5 month weight check (she's very petite and being watched for healthy growth), the pedi. insisted we start her on it.  It's really not any more calories, but she rationalized that she must be ready since she's recovered her dip in weight, plus more.  She gained 2 pounds in one month and is still nursing 10-12 times a day!  We calculated that she's getting over 45 ounces a day and she's still getting up at night 3-4 times, and RAVENOUS.  So we started it thinking she wouldn't even like it but MAN once that spoon came at her, she snarfed it up.  Never a frown or a grimace; she ate 2 servings in about 5 minutes.  She's loved it ever since.  We'll hold off on "real food" like fruits and veggies until 6 months.  She has also dramatically decreased the amount of nursing sessions and the cereal seems to be holding her over better.  She still gets up at night, but only once or twice now.  She seems much happier overall now too.  She used to be really fussy between feedings constantly.  Do what feels right for you and what your pedi. recommends.  I wanted to wait but if she needed it and wanted it, then the discussion's over!
  • I started my son at 4 months, but it's only because the home care provider is certain he's still hungry. He only gets 1 tbsp of cereal at lunch time during the week. I don't give him anything else while he's with me.
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