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Getting Dressed is SO hard

I cannot find a thing to wear anymore.

My maternity clothes just look silly but I can't button a single pair of pants.

All of my shirts are too tight and just make me look like I've got muffin top and a spare tire around my tummy.

 It took me an hour to find something to wear today and I almost cried. I still don't even like what I ended up wearing. 

Has anyone found any cute styles, shirts for this awkward period. 

Please, share links! I need shirts that aren't tight! 

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Re: Getting Dressed is SO hard

  • I did give into maternity pants at like 9 weeks.  The bella band was uncomfortable.  I personally don't like any pressure on my stomache.  As far as shirts go, I got a couple cotton shirts in a larger size ( so the stretch better, and I'm short so they are long enought) and empire wasted flowy shirts have been my best friend.  This limits my wardrobe severely but maternity shirts are too big (except the ones with gathering on both sides) and my other shirts are too small. 
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  • Last Friday night I stood in my closet in my bra and underwear and cried because I couldn't find anything to wear to a party.  LOL.  Try either getting something just a size or two up from your normal size, try heading to get some maternity clothes but know that they are too big for me now, so they don't really help--and you could also try finding some empire waist dresses or shirts...tunic type things...and leggings are always good.
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  • Im the same way. 

    Pre pregnancy I was in really good shape and loved to shop because it was fun!

    Im having the same problem I actually bought a shirt today that said "Im not fat Im knocked up" lol because I have the spare tire thing going on too!

    Ive found that I look the best in like work out wear like tighter sweat pants that have a stretch waist or cargo pants seem to work well too! The shirts dont seem to be as big as a problem as long as they arnt skin tight!

    Hope that helps! :) 

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  • J234J234
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    I am wearing stretchy skirts a lot!  I have one pair of jeans that still fit, but they give me horrible muffin-top.  I've started wearing a couple pairs of maternity pants that have the small elastic band type waist bands.  They were lent from a friend and free, so whatever fits, wear it!  

    I'm really curious to see the "real waist" pants from Old Navy... they seem like a good fit for now.  Hope that helps!   

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  • Maternity shirts aren't working for me yet.. they are either too big and a lot of them are tight-- which only shows off the spare tire.  I'd rather not show it off until there is an actual bump. 

    I'll have to look around and go a size up.

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  • I have had many breakdowns over the past couple weeks because of not being able to find anything to wear.  It's so depressing.  I have like.. I don't know, 3 or 4 'loose' shirts that sort of fit. The beband I got from Target is getting more and more annoying each day and I have no capris or pants that fit.  Ugh! And I can't wait till I actually LOOK pregnant and not just fat. :(
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  • I am fortunate to be working where I can wear scrubs everyday! But as far as the weekends go, I LOVE yoga pants or leggings. Then i just wear them with a babydoll style shirt ("normal" still, not maternity yet) cuz it flutters over my spare tire. I want that cute baby belly NOW.
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  • image lmorg678:
    I have had many breakdowns over the past couple weeks because of not being able to find anything to wear.  It's so depressing.  I have like.. I don't know, 3 or 4 'loose' shirts that sort of fit. The beband I got from Target is getting more and more annoying each day and I have no capris or pants that fit.  Ugh! And I can't wait till I actually LOOK pregnant and not just fat. :(


    Agreed.  I feel weird complaining --b/c people were complaining about people that complain about weight gain while pregnant on an unpopular opinion post-- but it can be discouraging even though we expect it.  

     Yesterday, I just felt so down all day b/c nothing looks good on me. I don't feel cute and I feel huge

    It doesn't help that my family came over today and asked if I was having twins like fifteen times.  I take it that they think I'm fat.

    I don't really like the bella band at all. You can tell that my pants are open through the fabric and it doesn't help to control the muffin top.

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  • I have been living in leggings, american apparel long t- shirts and loose dresses, and liz lange  cotton maternity t- shirts. 
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  • Have you tried using a rubber band to loop around your button so you can 'button' your pants?  Its been working for me - especially for my jeans.
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  • Leggings and loose tops from Target are what I will be wearing during my sister's wedding weekend to hide my pregnancy from certain family members.  I'm not showing yet, at least not first thing in the morning, but towards the end of the day I just look like I have a beer belly.  I love the bella band! It feels like extended sweat pants!!  I'm used to wearing tighter shirts though, so having it snug on my stomach doesn't bother me. 

    Other than that, my pants usually remain unbuttoned with a belt keeping them up for the time being.  

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  • HarperKHarperK
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    I don't have a belly (yet), but none of my button-down shirts fit, nor do most of my t-shirts. Why? One word: BOOBS. Surprise

    What's worked for me are empire waist dresses made of cotton with a little bit of stretch. Fortunately, I had a lot of these from the last few spring / summer seasons because they're just so comfortable. The stretchy part is key -- I think I'll be able to keep wearing these dresses comfortably for several more months.

    Also: dresses without a defined waist -- i.e., hippie-style dresses. I bought one a couple weeks ago that, on the rack, looked like a sack. But the color was nice, so I bought it. It's turned out to be one of my favorite things. I dress it up with heels and a (stretchy) belt. Plus, it has a lot of room in the front for when I start growing out a little more.


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  • I bought a bunch of cheap leggings from H&M ($10 each), and some loose shirts, blouses, and light sweaters from Nordstrom that are better quality, and that I will still wear post-pregnancy.

    The shirts/blouses I've bought are Joie and Trouve in case you want to check them out. I also got a cheap maxi dress from Forever 21, and a couple days ago when Isabella Oliver had a 44% off sale, I splurged on a black maternity skirt, and a maternity wrap blouse. When I'm not in leggings, I wear my Paige maternity jeans (they're the cutest ones I've found, and no one can tell they're maternity!) I will wear the jeans post-pregnancy as well, when I'm a little pouchier. (I can't bring myself to try the elastic band trick because I'm so afraid the band will break!)

    I'm struggling with that in-between phase where I look "thicker" and don't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes so you're not alone! I try to dress up my limited outfit options with some cute jewelry and a nice bag. :)

    Hope that helps!

  • A-line dresses, peasant tops, and flowy tunics have been my work staples.  Boot-cut yoga pants can double as work-style pants if you pair them with the right shirt (long).  I've started to wear maternity jeans on Fridays and the weekend, but I still need to order maternity work pants.  I may just keep this up until school's out, then worry about work clothes when I'm much bigger this fall.
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  • Jing22Jing22
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    Definitely a very frustrating phase to go through.  My clothing options are getting fewer too and H doesn't understand b/c while my belly looks a little bigger it's not that much bigger yet.  Uggg...

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  • I have given in to maternity pants.  As far as shirts, I bought some shirts in a larger size and I have a few flowy shirts that were 2 big on me pre-pregnancy.  My mom actually bought me some really cute empire waist shirts from JCPenneys.  They are a little big still but they give me a little shape unlike some pregnancy shirts that I try on now. 


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  • Thanks guys, I appreciate your input and I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

    I guess I have to go shopping!

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  • Old Navy-they have flowy, cotton dresses that are perfect (at least for my casual workplace). Today I'm wearing a purple smocked top strapless dress. Comes to my knees, flowy below the boobs, and I've got a denim jacket over it. They also have it in teal and black. The one I am wearing today was $17-not on sale, thats the actual price.

    Ann Taylor Loft also has some cute flowy empire waist dresses-make sure you use a coupon code when you buy there and get at least 30-40% off. Never pay full price at ATL-if they don't have anything that particular day, wait a day or two-they have sales literally almost every day.

    Target also has some cute dresses-even some with a little more structure if your workplace is a little more formal than mine. Instead of just looking in maternity, try buying a size or two up in womens. Shift dresses you can help define your waist with a thin belt, but it should still hide your little belly. Plus side-most Target dresses are only $20-25 so it won't cost too much.

    Embrace the flowy look-it will make things so much easier. I used to not wear dresses because my thighs chafed when I walked...and then I embraced the Target brand of spanx...they are made of pantyhose material, and are not confining. They aren't hot either-I wear them everyday during the summer in Tx 100 degree heat :)

    But seriously-dresses are your best friend at this point :)


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  • I got maternity shirts. A lot are rouched on the sides so they look great right now and are supposed to be able to grow with you. I also went to Motherhood and found a bunch of cute meternity pants that fit pretty well right now, they do droop pretty quickly, but I fold the band thats supposed to go over my belly down over the pants and then it holds them up.
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