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B*tch Wanted to Die Today...

I really just want to start this post off by saying that I used to love people.. I was rarely ever annoyed with them.. but nowadays my view is very much the opposite... and this twit is seriously one of the reasons why!

My DH and I had an amazing day together... my mom took the baby for a couple of hours so that we could go on a date, and when we were on our way home we stopped at a store that H used to work in. We had really just walked in when we saw one of his old bosses... a lady in her 50s or so. Anyway.. she said hello to him and looked at me and goes, "So when is the big day?"  I was so pissed that I could barely breathe, and I just bit my tongue and said I had just had her. She looked at my stomach again and said.. "well, it takes time."

GRRRRRRRRRRR. To clarify.. I saw this *** literally days before I gave birth.. when I was huge as a house. And I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight already! And to top that off.. I DID JUST HAVE A BABY, and I had a C-Section on top of that.. so I have that stupid pouch.. but THAT DOES NOT F-ING MATTER!!

Whew. I feel better. Thanks for listening!

Big Smile

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