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Any Oct. Moms registered yet?

I cannot wait to register! I loved it so much when we got married, and I've already been to the store three times to check out brands and things.  Such a silly thrill, isn't it? The litle things keep me happy :)

My friend is about 10 weeks ahead of me and just registered last night... I thought after the 18 week mark we could get started, but that's next week for us.  Am I too early? Are any of you October moms registered yet?  I know there's no "right" or "wrong" time to do it, but I didn't want to be looked at funny if I'm too ahead of the game.  We're not finding out the sex so we don't need to wait for the anatomy scan which is in two weeks. 

Re: Any Oct. Moms registered yet?

  • I've already put the "big" items on a registry! Like crib and furniture, pack n play and travel system. They've already been on there for about a month haha

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  • I have already started my registry, but I havent broadcast it yet. I want to wait a little a longer.
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  • With DD we registered right after our anatomy scan (20 weeks).  I say go for it and start registering, so much fun!!  I've registered at Amazon right now already but that's really just a checklist for myself since I won't have a shower this time around.
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  • It's what I'm doing now! Like the PP, I'm not broadcasting yet, so I'm doing this slowly, doing my research, etc. I'm using amazon's registry, and I'm loving it, there is nothing they don't have. They also have this fun feature where you can mark each item Must Have, Like to Have, or Nice to Have. 

    I don't have any problem with starting it now,  my friends are all very eager to see what I'd like. Even so, I'm not announcing the registry until at least 24-28 weeks. Since I'll be on the wrong side of the country until almost 36 weeks, we don't want to start receiving gifts until after we get back to LA. 


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  • I have started a registry but have not told anyone about it. I only have a few items on it...like big items that I have researched. Now that we know the sex, I'll be adding a few more things online and then probably go in-store around 20 weeks.

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    My registry is done. Embarrassed We started it a few weeks ago and just added the final items after the anatomy scan yesterday. We already have the crib and a storage thing but are just waiting to paint to set them up.
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    I haven't started one... and I am actually dreading it (I hated registering for my wedding too). 

     I don't know why I have such issues, but I feel like I am telling people to buy things and spend money on me, and it makes me really uncomfortable.  I have a feeling my sister is probably going to do most of it for me because she loves that kind of stuff.  LOL


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  • I'm 17 weeks and just found out what we're having. We went today and it was sooo overwhelming. The registry isn't offically started, but we picked up the registry packet and I'm going to do some research on the internet for deals as well.
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  • We have basically registered for everything. I have been adding and deleting things here and there though. The only person who knows about my registry are a select few. I don't see the harm in doing it whenever you want. I'm thinking of mine being more of a "checklist" then a registry. At least for now. We will be find out the sex at 20 weeks (still 5 weeks to go DX ) but the majority of the things we registered for are gender neutral.
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    I officially got the "OK" to register today ;]

    DH and I stopped at BRU and he asked when I was gonna start registering for the basic stuff. He said I should go ahead and do that. Sounds good to me! 

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  • I've had a registry for awhile now!  I keep updating it, though.
  • We started our registry a few weeks ago at BRU and on Amazon.  We have pretty much everything on there but bedding.

    The best thing we did was take friends who have 1 year olds and we were out of BRU in just over an hour.

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  • My registry is started, but I have mostly big things on there. I have the stoller, PnP, and some bottles. I wanted to wait until we got the gender confirmed, which we did on Friday. I just haven't been able to make it to BRU to add more yet!
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  • DH and I did ours today. My baby shower is early (July 2) because that's the only time we plan to go to WI to see my family and my mom, SIL, and friends who are hosting the shower for us already sent out the invites (early because it's 4th of July weekend) and there are stickers on it that say we've registered LoL
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  • We have aleady registered for the major stuff.
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  • glad to hear it, ladies! I'm looking forward to it.  When we registered for the wedding, it was an entire day- very long- but fun.  After one or two trips to the store that weekend, I did most of the updating online.  I have a feeling that, since I don't have that kind of stamina right now, the first trip to begin the baby registry will be MUCH shorter!


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  • I think I will wait til after the anatomy scan.

    but I hated registering for the wedding.   It was the worst.  It might be easier for the baby because everything will be useful and not for example just buying a new toaster so they all match.

    I have been eyeing  strollers in the neighbourhood. People have lots of opinions, so I am glad to hear any of them.

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