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This may seem like a silly question but I figured I would as anyway...

What all do I NEED for the baby? I think that I have most of it together but I figured some of you second timers could tell me for sure. Like, how many bottles, receiving blankets, burp cloths I need, do I need more than one nose sucker, should I really buy baby nail clippers or can I just use mine, do I need to buy the baby sunglasses or the window shades for my car. Any advice would sure be appreciated...Thanks ladies...

Oh, By the way...where do you store your bottles when you're not using them? We have very limited cabinet space in our home, and I was just wondering where you put them?

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Re: Baby Supplies

  • http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/what-to-buy-pregnancy 

    I'm a ftm, but here's my "essentials" list. I've asked a bunch of moms what they recommend and it seems like simple is better! They also said to look for things that have several functions, instead of getting a ton of products that only have one purpose.

    4 receiving blankets, bottles (3 ea. in 2 sizes), 1 pack (of 12) Gerber prefolds (use as burp cloths, for clean up, etc), changing pad and covers, CDs and wipes, teething toys etc, 2 sheet savers, manual breast pump, Boppy pillow, Lanolin cream (I've been told it's a must lol), grooming kit ($10 at Target, has nail clippers, files, brush, etc in it- i wouldn't try to use adult-sized clippers), baby carrier, nursery monitor, 2 hooded towels and a pack of washcloths, lotion, orajel, a good thermometer (I registered for a temporal scanner), & colic drops (just in case!). I haven't bought anything yet b/c my shower's coming up. My dad's making us a crib, and mom got us a stroller, car seat w/bases, a swing, and some clothes. And a family friend gave us way more clothes than we know what to do with! So I didn't put those on the list.

    As for things like burp cloths and receiving blankets, I think half a dozen of each would probably be enough, you could always get more later if you need them. Those are 2 things that can be used in many different ways, so it can't hurt to have a few extra. Sometimes the hospital sends you home with a bulb aspirator. I personally wouldn't try baby sunglasses, she might not put up with them. Car shades are a good idea though. Newborn skin is so delicate that even if she closes her eyes in the sun, the direct light would still be really bright to her.




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    For the first 6 weeks you don't need much, after that you can let your baby's temperament help guide what you need. We got all of our toys around 8 weeks based on what my daughter found interesting.


    Safe place to sleep with clean bedding and back up bedding (could be crib, bassinet, PNP, your bed if you'd going bedshare).

    At least 10 things to wear. Most people do onesies, but a shirt and pants is fine. 5-6 sleepers/gowns. A free detergent (I use tide free).

    7-10 blankets.

    6-8 bottles if you using formula, 1-2 or none if you plan to breastfeed. I cleared out a cupboard of rarely used stuff (I think it  wine glasses which we use like once a year) and store bottles and baby food in there.

    10-15 burp cloths (or plain cloth diapers)

    One nose sucker is fine. I never use mine, I just flush with saline with needed. I like the nail clipper but you could use a small regular one. A lot of people file the nails in the first few weeks anyway.

    Diaper cream and lots and lots of diapers.

    If you're using an infant carrier than you probably don't need sun glasses or sun shades since most of them have a large shade. Later when you switch you might want to get something for the windows of your car.

    ETA: a safe place to wash the baby and baby soap. I regular towel is fine, but the small hooded towels are nice since there is less fabric. We use a small plastic tub for a while and then switched to something bigger when she was less floppy. Lots of people use the kitchen sink.

    Other things that are nice to have -- some sort of wheels (snap n' go, stroller) or a baby carrier. A swing or bouncer.

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  • Honestly- here's what you NEED for baby in the beginning- a carseat, diapers, somwhere for baby to safely sleep, and a food souce (so your boobs or formula and bottles, whichever you plan to do).  That's about it.

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