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Anyone here over 35? 40?

I'm 41 and nearly an empty nester, with all kids in college and some already have moved out.

I don't have anyone in my life who is pregnant, or even has little kids.  I'm feeling kind of alone facing all the "you're over 40" high-risk stuff. 

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Re: Anyone here over 35? 40?

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    So are you TTC?


    I'm sorry - I must have deleted by mistake ... I found out earlier this week that I am pregnant. 

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  • I am 41 (42 in Aug) and pregnant with identical twin boys. I also have an 11 yr old. One of my best friends has a 1 yr old but all my other friends have preteen and teenagers. This message board community, has been a big help and my husband and family support too. My friends are so excited about the babies too. I also joined a MoM's group locally which has been helpful. Take a baby class and then when find a group after the baby is born, like MOPS. There is an over 35 message board, i spend most of my time on the multiples board but check this one often. Post on the North FL board asking if anyone is pregnant in your area. Best wishes! Congrats
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  • Hi I am way over 40 lol I will be a freak of nature in my area as most moms here stop having or wanting babies by 25 (they start at 16) When I had my son 13 yrs ago at 36 they thought I was nuts? strange. I lost twins at 44 due to a car accident and now at 49 have the pleasure of being pregnant.


    If you want to talk I would like a buddy


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  • I just had my first baby (and last) at 42.  I am 43 now and the bundle of joy is 6 months old and crawling...pulling up and trying to walk!  I am available for talking too.
  • how did your pregnancy go at 42?
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  • It was an awful, horrible, icky pregnancy and birthing experience.  I would do things sooo differently if I could do it over.  I am still not recovered.  I don't want to scare anyone so I don't say much about it.  I have asthma and high blood pressure and was super high risk.  Lots of personal stuff that I don't share much. Message me if you want.

    On the plus side I have an amazingly healthy and wonderful daughter...and my hubby has been great.  The doctors at ROC were awesome.  There are just some things I would do differently if I could go back in time.



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