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HELP! - Rolling over/around and waking up

Hello, my daughter is 5 months old today.  She was sleeping well until recently when she started rolling around in her crib.  We put her in for the night and she either rolls on her side or ends up doing a 90 or 180 and starts to fuss.  I usually end up picking her up because I feel bad for my husband who has to work but I am getting no sleep and he still gets woken up throughout the night.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: HELP! - Rolling over/around and waking up

  • no its a phase shes doing it because she loves learning new things and practicing them...soon she will do them still just sleep through the whole thing! its just a matter of time.
  • Thanks.  Any idea about how long it lasts?
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  • My ds is 3 1/2 month adjusted age and has been doing that for close to 2 months now.  Usually it's a thud then a cry.  My pedi said put bumpers on the crib.  You can get breathable bumpers but we bought the Wonder Bumper which is material that zips onto each slat.  You can still see right through the crib (good air circulation) it just keeps him from knocking his head.  We bought ours on Ebay as they can be expensive.
  • I feel your pain--- my ZZ just learned how to do back to belly this week.  She is up for hours at a time just rolling around like barrel up and down the crib.   Yawn.  When you find out how long it lasts let me know.
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  • I have to be up at 5:45 for work.  I rolled receiving blankets and put them on either side of LO to hold him snug while he sleeps.  He can practice rolling during awake time.
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  • thanks, finally put the breathable bumpers on last night.  also have been getting better daytime naps and trying to spread feedings out a little closer to 4 hours instead of 3.  all of which seems to be helping a bit:)
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