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Anyone just "listening to their body?"

When DH and I got pregnant the first time it was totally because I just had a super sex drive 3 days in a row and so we had sex all 3 days. I had been tracking how long my cycle was so afterwards I looked in my journal and realized we had just had sex on days 12, 13, and 14, but definitely wasn't trying to make sure that it happened. I'm really hoping that it will go that way again this time. I still get an extra sex drive about 1/2 way through my cycle and I'm just going to use that. I just can't see myself temping and taking O tests every month. That's just way too much work for me Wink We're just going to go with the flow over here. Anyone else?

Re: Anyone just "listening to their body?"

  • Nope. Screw body is too subtle. I want to KNOW when I ovulate, not just guess based on symptoms. Temping and charting is actually super hasn't been inconvenient at all. It's awesome being a little more in control. I want a baby bad enough that it doesn't feel like too much work...I'll do whatever I have to. And OPKs aren't that hard to deal with...I figure if I can POAS to find out if I'm KU, I can POAS to find out if I'm ovulating.

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  • In all honesty, I did try that. My body is a liar. A dirty liar.

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  • Nope. No way. I want to feel in control of the TCC process as much as I can. And I know my body won't just do the same thing every month. Good luck with that tho!
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  • It worked for me with DS1 however this time, it has not been so easy. My heart goes out to the ladies who have been TTC for months & months. For me, it has been a very humbling experience thus far. With that said, I agree with pp that I like to take my temp & use OPK's etc. so I at least have some idea what is going on with my body and to know if we have a chance. GL to you!

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    In all honesty, I did try that. My body is a liar. A dirty liar.

    Ditto this  >.<

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    Thats basically what we did when we got preg with DD. We just stopped using bc let nature take its course and it didn't take us long. I went off b/c in oct 2009 used condoms until jan 2010, BFP March 2010.

    That being said it depends how quick you're hoping to get pregnant. If your not in a rush, I say just do your thing and see what happens.. if you don't get KU in 6 months or so, then maybe start charting etc.

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  • Wow, I couldn't do that!! I don't know my own body. When I think I'm fertile - I'm not!
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  • Yep! That is exactly what I am doing. That is what I did to get KU with DD1 & DS2...happened for us cycle #1 with both LO's...will we be so blessed this go around? Maybe not. But I would rather go with the flow of the process then chart, temp and what not.

    However, I am so glad to see how well charting works for other ladies! Smile It's just NMS. It would stress me out beyond belief.



  • I could do it if I already had a child... I really want my first, so I'm all for watching my body like a hawk and doing anything and everything to help the process!


    To each their own though, good luck!

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  • If you're still TTC in a year, I'd be shocked if you were still just "listening to your body".  I hope that you are one of the lucky ones who gets pregnant without really trying.  Congrats on it being so easy the first time, and GL to you for more of the same good fortune this time around.
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    In all honesty, I did try that. My body is a liar. A dirty liar.

     Couldn't have said it better (so I'm not gonna try!) 

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  • No, I tried that and it didn't work. Charting takes the guess work out of it, doesn't leave it to chance. 

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  • This is me! Easy time with the first two so I am hoping it will be the same for my final and third child. We have sex EOD from end of period to beginning of next period. Sometimes, I lie down for a few minutes afterwards but thats about it. If this doesnt work after about six months then I will think about charting. But, for now just gonna go with the flow. I think for other women the charting is a really good thing and very helpful, but its just not for me at this time.
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  • image doozer1345:
    In all honesty, I did try that. My body is a liar. A dirty liar.

    This.  My body plays tricks on me.  

  • I've just going with my body.  Don't really want to temp or check CM.   Hopefully we will get pregnant by just going with the flow:)  Of course here we are on cycle  But this could be our month!

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  • If I just listened to my body, I'd never have a kid! I'd never know that I don't ovulate (even though I have "af", which it really isnt), nor would I have known about the septum or endometriosis!

    There is a reason there are medical professionals! =)

    That would drive me crazy because how do you even know you are ovulating at all??



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  • I started out this way, because that's what worked to get pregnant with DD.  Now I'm 6 months in and wish I had started charting 6 months ago.  So if it works, you'll be glad you didn't chart.  And if it doesn't, you'll have wasted a lot of time in which you could have been figuring out what's going on and why you're not getting pregnant.
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