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Anyone's Sex Drive Still Hiding?

Ugh! I am soooo tired of never having a sex drive. Anyone else in the same boat. Before DS and even during pregnancy I had a very normal drive, maybe even better than normal and now it's practically non existent! I pretty much have 1 MAYBE 2 days/cycle that I have any desire at all to pay attention to my husband...(this will come in handy when DH and I start trying for #2 as I'm pretty confident that these few days are when I'm ovulating). DH tries so hard too, massages, compliments, the whole works and nothing gets me excited anymore. I usually end up enjoying sex when I make myself do it, but getting to that point is practically torture. It's like I have to give myself a pep talk and then continually remind myself to be in the moment and not let my mind wander to everything else that I need to or that I'd rather be doing.

I feel like a wretched prude? Anyone overcome this that could pass along some advice? Or maybe just relate so I can at least say that I'm not the only one!!Embarrassed

Re: Anyone's Sex Drive Still Hiding?

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