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Is JCPenney Portraits Membership worth it? Why or why not?

I can get JCPenney Portraits 2 Year Membership for free through Pampers Points (2,000 points).  But I don't really understand what it does for you.  Can anyone let me know what the perks are of this and why I would want it?  Or, is it a waste of [hypothetical] money?

Re: Is JCPenney Portraits Membership worth it? Why or why not?

  • Do it!  It is really worth the money.  I know alot of the ladies on here hate portrait studios like this, but I don't mind them for our family pictures.  We went last month and had pictures done with all three of us.  The pictures came out pretty good and I got a TON for dirt cheap.

    After you sign up, they send you lots and lots of cupons.  Don't buy into the packages or anything, with coupons, and the waving of the sitting fee they sell each picture sheet for 3 dollars.  We bought 10 sheets and spent 30 bucks.

  • What PP said, we did it through sears because we know the photographer and she actually is a photographer specifically for family portraits because one of us is always behind the camera so this was an easy way to remedy it
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  • We just signed up for this when we had photos taken last time. Not sure if it's worth it yet, but it is nice knowing I don't have to pay for sitting fees for 2 years. I only pay for the photos I buy. It cost me $20 to buy it.
  • Guess I should have read your whole post before replying.  Sorry!

    If you sign up, you don't have to ever pay a sitting fee.  This means, you can go to their studio, at any time and take as many pictures as you want for free.  You can then buy what ever prints you want.  If I remember correctly, an 8x10 is 8 dollars?  But they send me coupons almost every week for 40-60% off.  So the last time I went, I ended up paying 3 dollars per picture.

    It's a really good deal.  I've shopped around, and this is by far the best deal for cheezy studio pictures.

  • Wow, ok.  Next question then - if you sit for a picture, how long do you have to be able to buy it?  Can I buy more of a picture 2 months from now?
  • yes.  After you go they send you an online album of all your pictures.  We took pictures at Christmas time, and they just recently deleted my album last month.  So I think you have four months to order.  If you want more time, you can buy a service that will save your pictures for even longer.

    Plus, what I've found is that if you wait a little while to order, they will send you even more coupons.

  • Does JCP not offer picture CDs?  I get them through Sears portrait, but they cost $100.
  • I got the membership after because I had a coupon that made it only $10, but I actually dont go to JCP anymore.  We had a horrrible experience at Christmas time with them, so I refuse to go back to them.  We go to Olan Mills now and LOVE them!  They have great prices/packages.  They also send coupons and have them on their website.  They also have a membership that gives you free a few free prints and no sitting fees.  OM also has copy right release cds for like $70.  We only get the cd and the free prints that our membership gets us.
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  • image mamafoxX2:
    Does JCP not offer picture CDs?  I get them through Sears portrait, but they cost $100.

    Yes they do. I bought the CD and the membership for $150. I think it's worth it because they give you ALL the pics they took, the another set with all sorts of effects on them and some collages. I also got some print including an 8 x 10.


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