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btdt moms- postbirth recovery

I'm a first-timer and although I've read about what to expect after delivery, an experienced opinion always helps. So, what's a list of some things that really help with comfort (ha!) and healing after delivery? Normally I like to stick with natural products etc, but I think at that point I'll be open to any suggestions, haha. Thanks!

Re: btdt moms- postbirth recovery

  • Flushable wet wipes for sure! Wiping with an epsiotomy was a little rough, I think these will help this time!

    The huge purple overnight always pads! I had to send someone for bigger pads last time, the ones the hospital provided were small and did not cut it.

    I loved having the boppy pillow to sit on for a few days! It was a nice extra, but not necessary. 

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    Some sort of reusable ice pack was really helpful. I never really used anything else but a lot of people really find the whitch hazel stuff helpful.

    Oh and prunes. They really do help.

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  • Flushable wipes and huge overnight pads, yes. Also, nipple cream (Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a nice one that is all natural) and lots of ibuprofen. When you are in the hospital, ask for surgical gel pads to help soothe sore nipples - they are normally used to reduce swelling and scarring post-surgery, but they are also great at reducing swelling and irritation for those first few days after you start nursing. 
  • Peri bottle. Its AMAZING. Also use the mesh panties and ginormous pads from the hospital. Get some nursing pj's if you plan on nursing. They are really convenient.

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  • I liked Kotex Pads for their "clothlike" feel- and I'm not into pads at all...but these are a cut above Always...

    Witch Hazel Pads (Like Tucks but generics work just as well) with a Dab of numbing gel (from the Hospital- ask for some extra before you leave) stuck right to the stitches/ episiotomy ...I had no more discomfort to speak of and was out walking 3 days after having the baby...for fresh air that is - not so much exercise... and definitely take the squirt bottle from the Hospital!


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  • I second pp's suggestion about using the Boppy to sit on.  I barely used it for nursing - wasn't comfortable for me - but I LOVED using it to sit on!!  I was told by friends about a lot of the things that I was going to get from the hospital and what I would need post-delivery, but something NOBODY told me about and one of my nurses gave me...DERMOPLAST!  I didn't go ANYWHERE without it!!  Love that stuff.  I know that Motherlove makes a product thats called Sitz Bath Spray or something that is an all natural alternative.  GL and H&H!
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  • Depends (the diaper, yes.), stool softener, Tucks, the awesome pads the hospital has that when you break it there's an ice pack IN the pad, baby wipes
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  • I got a cooling/numbing spray from the hospital and had to get more when it ran out, it helped a lot with the pain/itching of the stiches. And take as many pairs of the hospital panties that you can, they are a lot easier to deal with for the first few days that you are home. Hope this helped!! GL!!



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    a bottle to use to "wet/spray" yourself down instead of wiping in the beginning, my mw gave me some herbs to put in it too.

    Throw some damp (with water or witch hazel) pads in the freezer

    I've heard tucks pads can help.

    Other than that moving around will help!

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  • When I had DD the hospital gave me ice packs which were actually condoms filled with some water and frozen lol.  They were actually pretty helpful with the stitches, so much so I made some of my own when I went home.
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  • I just went and bought all of my stuff. The hospital provides some but not enough. This is what I have so far.

    Depends underwear, pads (the biggest you can find), Tucks, Prep H, ice packs, Lasinoh, breast pads (I have some cloth and some disposable), nipple shield (not everyone needs one but I did with my last baby), Dermaplast spray, witch hazel, pain reliever. You should get a peri bottle from the hospital, that is absolutely vital as you won't be wiping for a while. Also, you might want to take a stool softener. No, not might, you will definitely want to take one.

    I also recommend having a clean bathtub for sitz baths. I took them constantly after I had my babies. I didn't use a lot of soap, just nice warm water. It's very soothing

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    When I had DD the hospital gave me ice packs which were actually condoms filled with some water and frozen lol.  They were actually pretty helpful with the stitches, so much so I made some of my own when I went home.

    Haha, that's awesome. I'd love to see DH's reaction to that!

    Thanks so much everyone! The recovery is "scarier" to me than the actual delivery. I'll def be stocking up on these things beforehand. 

  • Overnight pads and stool softeners were the most helpful for me! If you don't want to take stool softeners than gets lots of fiber and eat lots of prunes!
  • I didn't need much. I had an easy vaginal delivery with a second-degree tear.

    The squirt bottle from the hospital for use in lieu of toilet paper (for maybe two weeks?), overnight size pads and stool softeners were the most important. I never used the sitz bath, the witch hazel pads or the anti-itch stuff. Everything but the pads came from the hospital, btw, so you may not need to buy much of anything.

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  • Also, someone told me to soak a pad in witch hazel and freeze it- I have a bottle of it in the medicine cabinet, but it's the kind that's 14% alcohol. Does it have to be 100% witch hazel? It seems like the alcohol would sting really bad! Which kind did you use?
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