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Hi, just found out I'm pregnant on Monday (yay!).  I have been vegetarian for 18 years and vegan for 3 yrs.  Are there any moms (new or old) that have dealt with this during their pregnancy?

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    You should always check with your doctor regarding diet, vitamins and supplements while you're pregnant.  There are vegan forms of Omega 3  and plant based B12. You would have to do your research and make sure they're through a reputable manufacturer. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but one lady I run with who is a vegan uses Nutrilite. 

     Again - check with your doctor though.

  • Hi there- Yes, I am a pregnant vegan and everything is going great so far. I am eating the same way I was before, just making sure I'm not skipping any meals and adding a few more beans/legumes into the mix. As for supplements I take a great wholefood Prenatal, a vegan DHA and some extra Calcium/magnesium. I was afraid I would have strange cravings but nothing so far and I'm just about 19 weeks.

     Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!



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  • Thanks for the info about the Nutrilite- I'll check it out.  I have my first appt Monday with the nurse for the prenatal visit and I'm taking in my prenatal vitamins, DHA, and msm supplements.  Thanks for the reply!
  • Karmalife-  so great to hear from you.  I have been taking my prenatals for a year and a half, and my DHA's for 6 mths.  My first prenatal with the nurse is Monday so I will take those in with me.

    Everyone that knows that we're trying, (we haven't told anyone yet), keeps asking if I'm going to eat meat while I'm pregnant and if I will raise my baby that way as well.  How are you fielding these questions? 

    Also- is your significant other vegan as well?  Mine isn't, but is supportive as long as I'm healthy. 

  • Actually, no one has asked me if I am going to eat meat while pregnant- I've gone without it for almost 19 years so they would be crazy to think I would start now ;)

    Keep in mind these questions usually come from people who still buy into the meat/dairy industry's ideas that these foods are actually nutritious and/or necessary. They probably haven't read the China Study, for example, or challenged conventional wisdom. The probably don't know how the hormones found in conventional meats/eggs and dairy can contribute to a wide variety of health problems. AND they probably don't know that eating vegan is absolutely delicious!

    I do have people ask me if the baby will be raised vegan and I honestly think vegetarian is the way I'm going to go. For example, if my baby needs Vitamin D3, I am not going to withhold that from him/her. If he wants some farm fresh yogurt, same thing. But I will not be raising my baby on meat- no chance.

    My fiancee is not vegetarian or vegan but since we've been together he might eat meat about once very month or two, and never in our home. He is well aware of what factory farming is and won't eat meat that isn't organic- same with cheese. He rarely eats cheese when we are out because again, he believes in finding it from quality farms that use hormone free animals. I'm lucky, indeed.

    Glad your significant other is supportive- that's what counts! If anyone needs reassurance there are plenty of books out there on vegetarian pregnancy. I have one that I read a few times a week and I was surprised to find out that vegetarians actually retain much more calcium in their bones than meat eaters. Definitely a good thing during pregnancy.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Just to throw it out there, I read Skinny B*tch: Bun in the Oven, which is written by vegans and I loved it! I mean if you've been vegan for 3 years you probably already know most of the info, but it doesn't hurt to hear it all in relation to pregnancy.

    And congrats by the way! : )

  • Thanks for the info!  I always appreciate the ones I haven't read yet :)
  • I was vegan..... and my first month all I wanted was red meat!  I was always very conscious about getting enough nutrients too, although with his pregnancy it didn't seem to matter much.  I did start eating meat that was locally farmed without the use of antibiotics or hormone. I am very careful about dairy though because dairy is actually worse on your body than meat.  As of right now I am eating mostly vegetarian and two days a week having a meal that contains poultry or wild caught fish.  I hardly eat red meat but it is mostly me listening to my body right now.  The pre-natals I take are Whole food Cold fusion vitamins so they are just food! no fillers and I am also taking Pre natal DHA.  I hope this helps! good luck :)
  • It's so awesome to see vegan moms on here!!! I feel like I am on an island by myself!!!
  • I have been vegan for 8 years and pregnant 4 times. Everything went wonderfully. I take vegan vitamins called veglife. I  order them from
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