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In need of encouragement....

I am in my second cycle of Clomid (50mg) and I have ovulated both times. This month we did IUI (just yesterday) and I was told everything looked great (CM and lining and everything) and husbands "contribution" looked amazing, to quote the Dr . I could use some encouraging words that this could really happen for us. I read stories of women who ovulate and do IUI and things are good and they never get pregnant. Does anyone has a story with a happy ending? I should mention I am 26 and my problem is that without meds I dont ovulate until CD 30. 
TTC since Nov 2010 Clomid Cycle # 1 February 2011 (CD 3-7) Ovulated CD 16 BFN- AF March 6th Took month off for GI Endoscopy Clomid Cyle # 2 April 2011 (CD 3-7) LH :) May 2nd IUI # 1 May 3rd May 16th- BFN and AF Femara Cycle #1 May 18 (CD3-6) Positive Ovulation test CD 12 BFN June 7th Seeing new specialist June 9th

Re: In need of encouragement....

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    IUI #4 worked for me .... gonal f injections with ovidril trigger shot.  Healthy baby boy.

    My point is... IUI can work for some people.  You are young so have faith.  I'm 28 myself so I know how it feels to be young and things "should" be working but they just aren't.  Anyway.... Good luck - pray (if you believe) and relax (if you can).  The 2 week wait is really hard but you will make it through.

    I really hope this journey ends for you this month with a BFP in 2 short weeks. 

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  • You sound like me!  We got pregnant with DS on our 3rd clomid cycle (2nd w/IUI - no MFI). 

    And just to give you some more hope, after all that, we got pregnant the first cycle trying with DD.  It can happen!

    Good luck!


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  • IUI #2 worked for us...good luck!
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