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another May baby born in April

Zooey Lynn was born April 27th at 4:50pm...weighing 6lbs 15oz...measuring 19in long.  All natural birth with no stitches I am thrilled to say lol.

I had been having contractions since my ob appt on April 18th...mostly at night.  The morning of April 26th I woke up with contractions and they were not going away.  So I went to L&D with all my bags just in case.

To make a long story short I wasn't in "heavy" labor but due to my GD and high BP, being 100% effaced and my doctor knowing how uncomfortable I was she didn't want to send me home.  But due to the many other moms who were in active labor at that same time, they didn't want to break my water or start hubby and I stayed the night and they gave me some sleeping pills.  The next day they started me slowly on the drip and I became 3cm dilated.  The doc eventually broke my water and that's when the fun started.  MAJOR contractions....went from 3cm to 10cm in 20 time for an epi even if I wanted one (which for the first time I was seriously considering!!).  Zooey was born less than an hr after my water being broken....very fast delivery...the doc almost didn't make it back in time.

We are doing well.....the dreaded umbilical cord even fell off last night!!  Yay!!  I am just looking forward to my milk drying up!!  I am leaking like crazy and hard and sore.  I read online about green cabbage leaves??  Anyone else know about this or any other "quick fix"?

I have added pics of Zooey so I hope I did it right and they are here.  We are in love and awe of her Big Smile

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