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I know how much everyone loves posts where people tell you exactly what they LOVE about their baby gear.  And despite my reservations about asking for just this....I need the advice.

I need to use up our BRU completion coupon ASAP and (yay!) we just received a timely gift of a BRU giftcard. So, the basic things I'd planned on buying when I was spending real money (bottles, BJ CMini belly bar, swaddle blankets etc) can be given some fun new friends of "things that would be good but weren't necessities".  I'd love to hear your thoughts on baby gear (for any use--play, bedding, feeding etc etc) that you love and wish you could buy more of OR things that you found useful for in the future as LO grows. Since he's my first, I'm not entirely sure what will be good to have. Even if you think we might have it--I'd still love to hear your thoughts!


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  • I love my Moby wrap, not sure if BRU sells them there or not.  I just bought a really cute 3-in-1 exersaucer/playmat for DS... he hasn't really shown much interest yet, but I'm sure he'll love it when he's older.  I love the FP Ocean Aquarium and Soothe & Glow Seahorse... both have nice music, adjustable volume and play for quite a while. 

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  • I have the "calming vibrations infant to toddler rocker" from fisher price. I love it! We got one for my first son and he would take naps in it and then as he got older and could sit up I switched it to the rocking chair. He's almost 5 and he still uses it. He loves it. We got another one for our 2nd son. I also love my moby wrap. I also love my boppy pillow. Not only does it help with feeding time, my son likes to use it for tummy time also. I also like having those little play gyms. He loves to look around right now and he's starting to show signs of wanting to grab at the little toys. Another life saver has been the swaddle me blankets. My son will only sleep when swaddled. I'm not the best at that and the swaddle me blankets made swaddling easy for me and my son seems to love them. He calms down when I put him in one. I also got a large tub like container that I am using to store my boys treasures, like the outfit they came home from the hospital in, their first pair of shoes, one of their hospital diapers, their hospital bracelets and onsie and blanket. As he grows up I'll add more of his special treasures.another thing I got that I love is a side table that is next to my rocking chair. I use it as a nursing station. It has a drawer that I put burp cloths, receiving blankets, binkies, nursing pads and lanolin. It also has a bottom shelf that I put his blankets on to snuggle with when we rock.

    another thing I did with the gift money that was given to me was I bought bigger size clothes. That always helps since baby clothes can get pricey when you wait til the last minute to buy a new wardrobe. I was given a bunch of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes so I bought 6-9 and 9-12 month size clothes. 

    Those are some of my things. have fun!

    Welcome to our world little one!

  • I hope I am not too late. 

    It is difficult because babies are different. For instance, I never used the swaddling blankets, DD hated them.  The things I found to be lifesavers:

    boppy because of my c-section, it really did help with breastfeeding. 

    Several different types of pacifiers and bottles.  It was quite sometime before DD would take either, but she was picky.  I found Modela was the easiest to feed to her because of the large base.    

    Co-sleeper/bassinet -  I didn't think I was going to use it, it was a hand me down, but if you bf, it is a lifesaver in those early weeks to be able to wake up feed, and lay the baby right back down.  She was sttn in her crib by 1 month, but I loved that bassinet. 

    Carrier, I have several but I use the K'tan the most.  It was very difficult for her to get used to being in it.  Then I realized the real key is to walk or sway while putting her into position and to keep moving.  She loves it now.  It was great to be hands free and keep her close to me.  She is now in daycare and the calmest baby that they have, so I truly believe you can't spoil a newborn.  

    I returned a bottle warmer and wish I hadn't.  Since I am breastfeeding, I can't warm her bottles in the microwave and holding it under hot water or putting in a dish of hot water is a pain in the rear. 

    Lanonlin nipple pads if you are breast feeding. 

    Black and white cards and books to entertain the baby, playmat and bouncer.  I really had a difficult time thinking of how to entertain the baby when she was a newborn, colorful bright objects or black and white objects were some of the first things my baby reacted to. 


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