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i am 12 weeks pregnant with twins. i went to my u/s yesterday and after being told months ago that the babies are fraternal and in seperate sacs and all is well i am told that they only see 1 placenta and now i am at high risk of ttts. i did some research on ttts when i got home and it has me terrified. as if i am not scared enough being prego with twins. were any of you at risk or did your twins have ttts and have everything work out ok? 

Re: new to group need advice

  • My twins had TTTS.  It was scary and a very bumpy road, but I now have two healthy identical twin boys.  I know it is scary when you think of everything that can go wrong, but TTTS only happens in about 15% of all identical twins - it is really not that common!  Try not to worry until there is somethign to worry about.  Try to relax.  If at anytime something does not go as planned through this pregnancy, we will all be here to help you through, but try not to be worried until things happen.  Many people on here have had uneventful, noncomplicated pregnancies, so there is no reason to think yours will be any different! 
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  • thank you. i am trying to not get worked up over anythig at this point. the twins are the same size right now and they are perfect. lol. i am just going 1 appt at a time. we go back at 16 weeks to fid out gender. i am as excited as i am scared.  thaks again. i feel a little better now.
  • I am pregnant with identical twin boys (33w6d), they are in seperate sacs and share a placenta. I was at risk for ttts, but got through it just fine. Never had an issue. I know it is scary when you find out about this but don't worry or stress just do all the things to keep you and your babies healthy, you will be cleared of the chance of ttts at 24w. Best wishes
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  • My boys share a chorion and have two seperate amnions, but also share a placenta... add to that that baby b has a 2 vessel cord and I've just been a BALL of stress, so I'm not sure I'm the best to give advice! Just know that the odds of getting ttts are really quite low... AND you will be monitored very closely for it- hopefully those two things will put your mind at ease some! 

    Regarding being cleared of the chances of ttts at 24 weeks, I'm not sure that is always the case... They will be monitoring me for it beyond the 24 week mark, and a local MoM that I know just had to deliver her babies at 29 weeks because ttts set in fast and furious at 27 weeks....

  • The most important thing is that you are monitored closely, and often.  Hopefully by someone who knows what they are doing, so at an MFM clinic or something similar.  I ditched my OB because he wanted to treat identical twins like fraternal twins, and the risks just aren't the same.  

    I was diagnosed with TTTS at 19 weeks and was monitored twice weekly until the end of my pregnancy.  It was a rough road, but I had the best care possible. 

  • i go my next u/s on the 31st. i will be 16 weeks then and they are looking for their sex and to try and see if they can distinguish 2 placentas. my dr seems good but i am obviously new to th twins thing. lol. i have no clue what i am doing. i just want to have happy and healthy babies. thank you all for the advice and well wishes. i truly appreciate it.
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