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Hola Bumpies

Haven't talked to anyone on here lately. We've been pretty busy. Ali weighs 14lbs now, so she's pretty much a chunker. I got a part-time job to get out of the house a little *guilt.* My husband got a raise, and we might be moving to Ohio. Oh yeah, I also have major baby fever right now.


I managed to tune in last week-ish for the baby erection conversation, and I remembered how much I love you guys. But I didn't have time to comment. So now I am. Haha. So HOW are you all doing??

Re: Hola Bumpies

  • <---------------- see my new bling?

    Evie is good hitting the 20lb mark, catching up on Sons of Anarchy, true blood and US of tara while I tweet and blog and procrastinate on working...

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    Wow! 20 lbs! That is our next goal. (Ten was a huge milestone, because Alicen had feeding disorder of infancy) Evie must eat really well!! Is she EBF? I just love baby rolls and muffin tops and chubby cheeks. The chubby babies look so healthy!! Alicen still looks kind of underfed because she is so tall. And her newest hobbies, crawling and standing, definitely don't help. Because now she's burning off all those extra calories in her jacked up fattening formula LOL.


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