For BF mamas of two or more delivered via C-section...

how long did your milk take to come in following each C-section?

My understanding is that the milk takes longer to come in following a C/S as opposed to a vaginal delivery. True?

 Regardless, with each successive C/S, does the milk take less time to appear?

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Re: For BF mamas of two or more delivered via C-section...

  • I can only tell you about vaginal vs. c/s.  #1 was vaginal; milk came in on day 3.  #2 was c/s; milk came in on day 3-4.
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  • I've had 2 c-sections, both very different.  With my 1st, DD it took about 2 days, which I almost gave up cuz we were feeding like every hour.  But I also think it was lack of knowledge on my part cuz the LC came in and showed me how to massage my breasts while feeding on the 2nd day and we had major success and got like a 4 hour nap afterwards.  With my 2nd, DS he latched on pretty quickly after birth and it was immediate success where he was actually sucking and swallowing.  Way better than my first experience and he was immediately on about a 3 hour schedule.  With both though my actual milk came in about 3-4 days after.
  • With my first son it was about a week before my milk came in. With my 2nd son my milk came in the night I came home from the hospital which was day 4 I think. I think it came in faster the 2nd time around because I was a little more experienced breastfeeding and had an idea of what to do, plus I had amazing nurses that everytime they came into the room they would help me with latching on, whereas the first time it took me a while to figure out what I was doing plus I didn't think I was going to be able to nurse at first because of one of my meds but then at the hospital they checked and said I was fine to nurse, so I wasn't really prepared for it the first time. They did tell me though that because of the c-section it would take longer than normal for my milk to come in because the body would focus on healing first instead of producing milk. Also, the 2nd time I plugged through the cluster feeding of every 20-30 minutes instead of taking breaks so I think that also helped my milk come in faster the 2nd time. I can't say that it happens to everyone, but for me the 2nd time around has been much easier.
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  • My milk came in on day 4 after an emergency c/s with general anesthesia.


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  • 2 scheduled c/s here. Milk was in by the time I left the hospital on day 2 both times!
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  • One one c-sec here but my milk was in before we left the hospital on day 3. 

  • It wasn't true for me. I had a vaginal stillbirth delivery and my milk was in at 48 hours. With my next birth, c-section, my milk came in by 36 hours. With my next c-section it was about the same or maybe a bit sooner.
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