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Does your child play alone or with other kids w/o you?

My son is 2.5 years old and we've been attachment parents from the beginning. He's always been a "mama's boy" and attached to me, but lately it is so bad. He's our first and we've always played with him, talked to him, included him, etc. so I get why he wants us to play with him constantly at home. But lately he won't even play with other kids. He goes to preschool full-time so he is away from me. At a birthday party at a bounce house last weekend, "Mama, come play with me" is all I heard. He refused to go play without me. Tonight at the park he wouldn't go into the kid's areas since I couldn't go with him. I am pregnant again and am starting to show and he knows a baby will be coming. This could be part of it too.

I know it's just a stage and he'll likely grow out of it. However, my husband is getting really annoyed. Mostly because I can't even go to the bathroom without L crying for me.

He's normal, right? I won't have to go to college with him? 

Re: Does your child play alone or with other kids w/o you?

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