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Doula Etiquette?

My doula is also my Bradley teacher, she is not yet charging for the extra service because she needs to attend a few live births before she is fully certified. Her Bradley class is super duper cheap as compared to some other classes in our town. I feel like I want to show my appreciation for all of her help, so should I buy her a doula gift? My husband said something about tipping her, but I was like uhhh that just sounds trashy like we are going to a restaurant. I dont know if that would offend her by throwing her a tip, because this is such an intimate event in our lives. I dont know.... has anyone bought your doula a gift, and what did you buy? And has anyone tipped their doula?


Re: Doula Etiquette?

  • Our Doula in training backed out on us, but before that I was planning to give her a gift certificate for a massage.  I agree with you about not tipping, besides I'm guessing students aren't allowed to charge so it might even cause problems for her.
  • Some of my moms have given me little gifts. Not neccessary, but very appreciated. Some of my favorites have been little statues, framed pictures, a photo album...she was a scrapbooker and put "DOULA" on the front. It's got pictures of all my doula babies, and some photos from labors that moms said I could use for childbirth ed. A gift card for a restraunt would, of course, be appreciated. If she is a coffee drinker (most of us are...crazy hours, you know!) a nice mug or a pound of coffee beans maybe.
  • Students can charge for their services...usually if they do it is 1/2 or 1/3 of what the full fee would be for your area and the services offered.

    I would not be upset if someone "tipped" me, but I would never expect it. Personally, I think that a thoughtful gift would be better than cash, and let her take some pictures with you during labor and what not...I know that I love to have those to look at, and to show other clients.

    Massages, a piece of birth artwork, a new book, etc...All of these would be good ideas.


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  • I gave mine a water bottle with a picture of DS's footprint on it. If you go to you can customize their bottles. I thought this was something she would use and personal to her time with us but no so personal that she wouldn't want to use it.
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