Is this possible?

I know I've read that you can not overfeed a breast fed baby. But he gets pretty cranky in the evening, and won't take the breast, even though it's been 3-4 hrs since his last meal.


Llast week (and pretty much since birth) he was nursing 20min/side.  Now it seems he is satisfied with 7-10 min per side.  Any more than that, and he'll spit up.  DS is 7 weeks old today.   Is this possible?   or just a 2-3 day fluke thing?

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Re: Is this possible?

  • I remember something like this happening. All of a sudden one day he'd only take one side.

    6 weeks was a growth spurt - so after the growth spurt your supply is probably up and he can get milk out more efficiently. Yay for shorter nursing sessions!

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  • It could be that he's able to get more milk in a shorter time. My pediatrician told me that as he grows he will learn to feed more efficiently. That seems to be true as my little guy is still getting bigger and bigger yet feeding time is less than it used to be. Also it could be that he may not be hungry and just wants to suck on something. My little guy started doing that, getting fussy when I tried to feed him. I finally figured out he just wanted his binky because he was to tired to focus on eating. I now know that's what he wants when he gets fussy and has burped and is still fussy, I try the binky and he settles down. If your little guy will take a binky and you're okay with giving him one, maybe try that.
    Welcome to our world little one!

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