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Pregnancy foods you swear by?

Anybody have any foods that you think helped your baby and your mood, side effects throughout?  I am hoping to ward off M/S all together!  Fat Chance right?
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Re: Pregnancy foods you swear by?

  • I dont think you can prevent MS altogether, but it helps to keep a full tummy at all times. My nausea would spike really bad if I let myself even start to get hungry.

    For me, I ate tons of Lipton Cup O Soup and simple carbs...

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  • I tried the crackers by the bed thing and it's never worked for me! I agree that you feel better when full. I've also found that Seabands and ginger works too! So drink lots of gingerale and Motherhood Maternity (I'm sure other preg stores do too) sell these candies that have ginger in them and they seem to work well too. I've heard that watermelon works well too. Haven't tried that yet cause they're not quite in season yet. I've realized that I've gone a little overboard with the calories, but i'd rather cut back in a couple weeks when I don't have to worry about the nausea!
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  • I might be crazy, but a glass of cold skim (lactose-free) milk first thing in the morning has kept away my m/s.  I love it.  Ginger ale did close to nothing for me, but cold milk is a miracle cure.  Weird, but true.
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  • A friend of mine has not had one lick of m/s yet and she is pregnant with twins. She is about 25wks. She swears by her acupuncturist.
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    I haven't had any morning sickness yet, but I got really nauseous during 6-9 weeks.  I ate small meals because if I waited too long to eat I would get extremely nauseous.  Rainbow sherbet helped me a lot and grilled cheese seemed to be the only thing that sounded good to eat.  The nausea is slowly going away, but it still creeps up on me randomly.
  • I have been a big fan of carbonation so far: ginger ale, sparkling water, etc
  • Anything citrus or mint seems to help ease the nausea. Lemon or limes in my water, fresh oranges, and then peppermint candies and gum. Ginger makes me want to gag...
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  • Lays Potato Chips and Sprite!
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  • I swear that decaf Lipton (sugar sweetened) icea tea makes me feel better. Sounds weird, but I've been going through a ton lately!
  • Mints! The ones I like are called scotch mints! That and lots if carbs.


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  • I swear by Granny Smith apples!! I read it one here a couple of weeks ago and they have helped immensely w/my m/s! I eat one w/the skin whenever I'm feeling really sick and I feel 10x better right away. Also other snacks that seem to help: lemon w/water, watermelon and nice cold Sprite. HTH!

    And since m/s hasn't hit you yet, I would highly suggest you eat whatever it is you're craving right now and really enjoy it! =) I can't wait until I can eat a meal and not get sick. 

  • I had MS awfully the first two gos. I loved cinnamon candies for some reason they helped subside the sickness. Now carbonation and mint candies are what was working. 
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  • image betheveh:
    Anything citrus or mint seems to help ease the nausea. Lemon or limes in my water, fresh oranges, and then peppermint candies and gum. Ginger makes me want to gag...

    Lemon in my water too and also I eat toast with peanut butter every single morning when I wake up and for some reason that makes me okay for awhile. Popsicles seem to help too as long as the taste of them isnt too strong.

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  • I didn't have like full-on horrible morning sickness, just that constant naseous feeling that wouldn't go away. I ate tortilla chips, just plain ones. They seemed to help especially bc when I got to the super hungry part then everything smelled like it was gonna make me throw up and I would get a couple of chips to take that edge off so I could handle whatever else. I didn't try it at the time, but since then I have been drinking a crap ton of milk. 2%. The couple of times I felt sorta naseous towards the end and I drank milk then it seemed to settle my stomach a little. Wish I would have tried it sooner when it was much worse.
  • Avacados, just plain, they had hardly any taste and kept my stomach full for a long time!!! IF i was feeling a little better I would put a little mild salsa on it but seriously I lived off of them for the first 3 months!! and French fries, now my DD LOVES avacado!! coincidence? :)
  • Pretty much anything carb related helps me bypass M/S. I try to select healthy complex carbs (whole grains) over simple carbs and mix in protein as much as I can... sometimes I do better than others. Haha.
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