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please help:( long

its been 4 days since LOs shots. He started to run a slight fever after getting them but through the night it went down and the next morning he was back to himself. However,the past 3 days have been absolutely HORRiBLE!! & its only during the day time. He will wake up and eat,burp,and then SCREAM. We make sure to at least get 2 good burps out of him after every feeding,we change him,we cover him up so he's not cold, he is pooping just fine and passing gas-we tried giving him tylenol thinking he may be in pain-nothing, we tried giving him some gas relief drops-nothing. I know you are bot suppose to let them cry it out-he's so little and i hate to do it but nothing is comforting him-not even walking around the house bouncing,talking to him,music,toys,NOTHING!!! I feel horrible because I don't know how to help him or what it could possibly be. Today he started doing this thing where he was hungry but he wouldn't tale the nipple when offered(EBF) until I like had to-what seemed like-shove it in his mouth,it took a good 10 minutes for him to realize it was there! then he just ate like it was nothing and after went back to screaming. This all stops at night though once we get into the bed....? please someone give me some advice?
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Re: please help:( long

  • I tightly swaddle, turn him on his side, swing/bounce,  shush( sing, white noise,etc), and if he is to frustrated to nurse I give him a binky. Sometimes that works better than trying to nurse because he is to frustrated to focus on eating and he just wants to suck. The book " The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp md really helped me. I highly recommend it!
    Welcome to our world little one!

  • Haha... I just recommended Happiest Baby on the Block on another similar thread.  I love the techniques.  I wish I had known about them when I was babysitting.  I get my baby to stop screaming 100% of the time within 5 minutes using these steps.  I love Dr. Karp.


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