Sooo, what do you wear in public??

I hope this doesn't sound dumb - but I don't even REMEMBER what all I wore (tops, of course) with DS when I breastfed him for the 4 months I did. Now that I am nursing DD, I realized all that I own that are BFing-friendly are nursing tanks. That's it. I can't go out all over town in nursing tanks. And normal tops are awkward bc I'd have to yank them all the way up to nurse, and I'm not totally down w/exposing my stretch-mark riddled belly.

Are specially made nursing tops worth it/cute?? I haven't begun looking yet... tips?

Re: Sooo, what do you wear in public??

  • Wear a nursing tank under a t-shirt. That way your belly is covered when you lift up the shirt. I don't wear tanks and lift my shirt up, I don't own any nursing tops. I find that the baby covers whatever belly would show.

    ETA: Most nursing tops make you pull out your full breast which I think is more revealing than if a bit of my side or back was showing. They're not worth it IMO. I have some regular v-neck tops that do the same.

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  • I wear a nursing bra and and a tank top over it. Like a wife beater style tank top. Then I just wear a regular shirt. When I nurse, I lift up my shirt and lower the top/neck of my tank top under my boob. Then I unhook my nursing bra. The neck of my tank top gets stretched out at the end of the day, but I don't care. 

    I didn't want to spend money on nursing tanks. 

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  • I have two Bella Bands that still come in handy for BFing because they cover my belly and I also have two Undercover Mama nursing tanks.  I usually wear one (or both) of those underneath a loose top that's easy to lift up to nurse.
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  • Motherhood had some cute nursing tops.
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  • I also wear nursing tanks under regular shirts.  I also wear them under my nursing shirts because I want to smooth out the contour of my pp-belly.  Old navy has some decent nursing tops although I have found that both ON and GAP seem to have cut back on their nursing selection :(

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  • I tend to wear a lot of V-neck/lowcut tops & just pop out a boob.
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  • I have a few old looser tube tops that i wear over my nursing bra and under a t-shirt...that way my stomach is covered, just lift the t shirt and lower the tube top!! Helps suck everything in too!!
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