3rd Trimester

POLL: Where will baby be sleeping at first??

For DS we stayed downstairs in the living room--be on the recliner, he in the pack n play bassinett for the first couple of nights since we hadn't anticipated a c/s.  But we finally went upstairs to our bedrooms and he went right to his crib.  It was hard, but mama got through it LOL (DH insisted)

Well, this time around my parents offered to buy us a bassinett so he/she could stay in our room at first.  I'm not sure we need  it or not.  I mean, I pretty much was the only one who got up with baby for the first year b/c I breastfed and DH worked a ton (and claimed not to hear the baby--yeah, right).  I'm torn.  I know newborns twitch a lot and make lots of noise--and I'm afraid we might not get sleep--however, it would be convenient I suppose to just BF in my own bed.  LOL

So curious what you guys are doing..... 



Re: POLL: Where will baby be sleeping at first??

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