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help :)

so my son is 9 weeks old. in the day he wakes, eats, play and then i have to make him nap either by rocking or doing something that works :) however he is not fussy unless he is overtired which i totally try and avoid! ha

the issue is after 6pm EVERY night he will fuss and cry nonstop till 11pm, weve tried rocking, bouncer, change of scenery, cuddling, pacifier, bottle, name it...i could be in his room for hours getting him off to sleep! When we do get him off to sleep though its a blessing when he sleeps 10 hrs at night with one feed!


any thoughts? 

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Re: help :)

  • night time fussiness is normal. What worked for me was reading the book "the happiest baby on the block" by Harvey Karp md. It really helped us and night time fussiness isn't much of an issue anymore. Lot's of swaddling, rocking, shshing, binkie, etc. It does get better! hang in there!
    Welcome to our world little one!

  • My daughter did this for about a month and then stopped, so it may pass with time, but maybe try laying him down with less stimulus and see if he drifts off after a while... we did with my daughter and she usually went to sleep in about 15 min, but would just cry and cry if we kept messing with her... it is so hard to say what will work, but good luck.
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  • Have you tried taking a bath with him?? This seems to settle my LO down and he always is ready to sleep shortly after getting out of the tub
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