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How much to feed a newborn??

I have a one week old who I am currently feeding her a combination of breast milk and then supplementing with formula.  I am having difficulties getting her to latch on so I pump and feed her what I pumped at the following feeding,  I have been pumping anywhere from 1.5 ounces to 2.25 ounces at each pumping (every 3 hours).  I am not sure if I am pumping enough to just give my baby the breast milk or if I still shoudl be giving her the formula.  I have been offering her approx. one ounce of formula after most feedings of breast milk.  She is jaundice so in the hospital they had me giving her 2 ounces of formula along with what I was pumping (hardly anything at that time).  THe idea was to flush the jaundice out of her system.  We had a doc appt. on Wed and then again today and she gained so I guess what I am doing is working.  I was just wondering how much you guys gave your little ones at such a young age. 
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Re: How much to feed a newborn??

  • this site has some great info

    I'm EP, and feed my DD 8 - 10 times a day with 2 - 4.5oz per feeding (it really varies) 

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  • its a shame you cant get him to latch on properly....pumping will lower your milk supply...a baby can empty the breast more.

     i know this as i reli didnt like him on my boob because he screamed alot (maybe to slow?)...and i pumped and lost my supply...


    ive found that salad helps my supply....some days are better than others though. i just put 4 oz in his bottle and if he didnt drink it ok if he did cool! breast milk u cn leave out for up to 5 hours which i like because if he wakes up and he hungry i dnt have to go to the fridge and warm it up baby is 9 weeks old.,,,sometimes he'll take 5 oz others 2oz others 3oz....try and go by your babies cues :)

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  • That's great that she's gaining weight! I'm EPing (also have latch issues) & LO takes 3oz every 2-4hrs.
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