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Name vent....

So we named DS Zackary, yes we spelled it differently but we have it everywhere.  Whenever anyone writes an e-mail or text and spell it Zach or Zachary I feel my blood boil.  Especially when my MIL does it.  How hard is it, he has been here for over a year get the spelling right. Ok just wanted to get that off my chest :)
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Re: Name vent....

  • My mom made this huge collage of my daughter and spelled her name wrong.  It is Keira not Kiera.  Oh well, we spelt it Keira because that is the tradional way to spell it. 

  • It is annoying,  My name is Shayna and I have been called everything but that my whole life.  Shanna, Shauna and even Dana.   Most people don't spell it right either.  I got used to it a long time ago.  When ds was born, I named him Jonathan, thinking that no one would mispell it or mispronounce it.  People still do. 
  • I think there is nothing more disrespectul than family using the wrong name..

    My inlaws to this day call our Boxer a BOY and it's a girl and we have had her for 4 years this Sept. SO infuriating.


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  • My aunts still sometimes call Cate, Kate. It doesn't bug me. When you pick a different spelling, it comes with the territory. Its something the kid is going to battle for life.


    If we find it annoying, think how annoying our kids are going to find it, lol.

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  • image dette7820:

    I think there is nothing more disrespectul than family using the wrong name..

    My inlaws to this day call our Boxer a BOY and it's a girl and we have had her for 4 years this Sept. SO infuriating.

    You get that mad over your inlaws calling your dog a boy? Geez, my inlaws do the same thing and we laugh about it. And not for nothing, if you give your child a name that is spelled differently people are always going to screw it up. My name isn't different and people (including family) leave off the last letter and I've been around 27 years. It doesn't bother me.
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  • my name NEVER gets spelled right .. even extended family members forget the "e" that exists b/t the c and y in my name.

    i've learned to let it go .. i hope that my sil doesn't get upset everytime someone spells her dd's name wrong - technically it's MaKaylah. yeah, give your LO a uniquely spelled name and don't be totally shocked that people have a hard time spelling it.

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  • How come you spelled it with a k?  Was it a family name?
  • It's silly to pick a difficult to spell name and get all up in arms when people... have difficulty spelling it. The name is well known, the spelling isn't- they aren't forgetting his name, they just have trouble spelling it.

    My own father has misspelled my name- and I have the most traditional and common spelling of a very popular name. I think it's funny. :)

    But, with all the fvcked up spellings of names this generation- I'm sure even the Jacks and Johns and Emmas and Avas are going to have to spell their names out for people. 

  • I understand that most people would not spell it correctly since it is different. IMO grandma should get it right at this point.


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  • Not to be nasty, but this will probably happen all of his life.  I'm 28 and my dad's side of the family still calls me Alisha...that's totally not my name!! 
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  • my name gets spelled with a C instead of a K all the time, by family, friends, and strangers. I don't like it because anyone of them can just ask how it's spelled and my name is a name that is not commonly spelled one way or another. Now my DD is having that problem but her name is clearly AVA and pronounced Ava, people still spell it Eva.
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  • MrsHTMrsHT
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    We figured the ways its pronounced sounds like it should be spelled with a "k" not an "h"
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  • My name is pretty common, but there are two spellings of it, one a little more popular than the other (think Sara/Sarah), and people NEVER spell it right!  EVER!  It drives me crazy.  I have aunts and cousins who continually spell it wrong, and I am 35 years old!

    At work, I also get co-workers sending me emails, and typing my name incorrectly in the email, even when my name is right there in the address book, spelled right!  Drives me nuts.

    Your DS will be correcting people on the spelling his whole life!  Not a huge issue in the scheme of things, but it is a little annoying. 

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