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I wanted to warn anyone before they read this that there is a baby ticker at the bottom.  I m/c last night.  I went to the dr yesterday and was told it was a failed pregnancy.  I didn't know I would feel so sad.  I would have been 6 weeks today and now I'm starting to question if I need to do this anymore.  I do have a wonderful DD.  I know my story is probably nothing compared to everyone elses story here.  I feel bad that I feel bad after I read some of your posts.  I would love to have another baby but not sure I can go through this again.  Is there anyone out there with a loss but yet already have a child?  I wondered if you changed your mind and were just happy with 1.  I know I could be happy with only DD but would so love to have another and have DD have a sibling.
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Re: Loss

  • Sweetie, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be sad!  You lost your child, it is a horrid, sad thing.  I have a 3 y.o. DS and I had an ectopic on April 10th.  I spent 4 days in the hospital recovering.  But that's not what hurts the most, the surgery that I have to take morphine the most doesn't hurt the most either.  What hurts the most is what hurts the most for you, that I no longer have my baby.  I know that I had one child and my husband that I were talking about this subject of having another child, and how I was terrified that since I had already had one ectopic I was more prone to having another, and I knew that if I got pregnant again I would be absolutely terrifed, but they would do an ultrasound early, but if the baby was ectopic again the only choice they would have would be to take my baby again and I knew that I would be devastated if it happened to me again.  But then, I just have this feeling that my family isn't complete yet, that I am meant to have at least one more child, so we will be trying again.  I completely understand where you are coming from honey, and the decision of having another child is completely up to you, but for me, I want to try again.
  • babyhubbardinme is right on with the same way I'm feeling.  I have a 18 month old and still feel want more.  It scares me that I could miscarry again and DH and I have discussed whether we were just meant to have one child and whether we should just not try again.  In the end we both agreed that we want to try again.  That want is outweighing the sadness for me right now.  I hope you make the decision that is best for you and your family and wish you the best.

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  • Thanks for the responses.  I'm already feeling a little better, I guess time does heal.  I'm pretty sure we will try at least 1 more time.  I have at least a month to decide so I am sure I will know for sure by then.
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