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Is This Normal? may be TMI

I know that at the end of your pregnancy you can begin to leak colostrum but a few days ago I started leaking (17 weeks) the first time it was just a few drops but since then it has gotten much much worse to the point that I must wear pads and any contact makes me get a stream down my side (lovely when in public)  DH thinks its funny im not even showing yet but my nipples are giving me away.

Please someone tell me this is normal and im not some sort of freak.

Re: Is This Normal? may be TMI

  • Ok, I was just gonna post something about this!

    For the first time ever I leaked! I came home from work, took off my shirt, and noticed some leakage on my bra! I was completely surprised because I didn't think this would happen until later. Anyway, I looked it up, and from what I've read it's normal and if it's so much to make you uncomfortable you can wear nursing pads.

    Is it usually both boobs that leak or just one or the other??

  • the first time was just one. Today both. everything I have read about other peoples experience is not as severe as mine thats whats making me wonder. guess it is good news for breastfeeding sort of a pain in the ass now


  • I had the same issue with my daughter (first pregnancy) at about 20 weeks or so.  I am also 17 weeks with my third and I'm experiencing leaking as well.  My MIL said she did it with her first child my DH from 16 weeks on!
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  • I asked my doctor about this yesterday. He told me that it could be my bra. If your bra is too tight or too loose it stimulates your nipples and they may begin to leak. He said it is normal and nothing to worry about.
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  • image KMorin101010:

    Please someone tell me this is normal and im not some sort of freak.

    TOTALLY normal!  For my 1st pregnancy I leaked allllll the time.  But this time around hardly at all.

  • i have been leaking for a few weeks now : / your not alone!!
  • I was just talking about this the other day. I'm 21 weeks and for the past... 2-ish weeks?... I've been getting a waxy film from my nipples that can crust a little bit. It hasn't reached liquid consistency yet, but it's still def colostrum.

    Poor Monsieur had to talk me down the other night as I freaked out about it. ("I'm gross!" "Sweetie! You're pregnant! It's normal! You're not gross!" "I am! I am gross!")

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  • thanks for the help girls. i guess its just gonna be one of those things you add to the joys of pregnancy like peeing all the  time and pukeing.....as if that wasn't enough.

    lacomtesse- i wish my husband was that supportive mine finds it hillarious especially when its really bad he tries to make it worse by asking me questions about the baby or by trying to touch me. im apparently married to a child lol

  • don't worry about being married to a child I find that it is more common than you think it would be.  My DH is the same way and your description reminds me of something he would do:)
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